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Coral Color Process Goes CtP with Screen

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — The business strategy at Coral Color Process Ltd. focuses on reliability and innovation. With this in mind, the privately held commercial printer in Commack, N.Y., combines a steadfast dedication to customer service with a strong commitment to advancing equipment technology. Company officials know from experience that effective management of technological resources will lead to sales growth. When Coral Color decided to make the transition to computer-to-plate, they wanted an integrated electronic workflow that would reduce manual operation times from proofing to press. After considering all of the advantages, Coral Color opted for the PlateRite 8000 thermal CTP platesetter from Screen USA. “We could see the PlateRite 8000 offered many benefits over the competition, to produce better quality, sharper dots, less waste and greater image detail,” said Ed Aiello, president. In addition to reliable performance, Coral Color wanted a thermal imaging device that was fast enough to handle 1,000 plates per month. Aiello has found that the PlateRite 8000 easily accommodates Coral Color’s workload and allows them to increase their workload without increasing processing time. Coral Color began doing business as a sheetfed printer in 1981. The company now serves a full-service printing facility with warehousing and mailing services as well. With a staff of 50, the company currently operates two shifts a day, five days a week. Coral Color’s pressroom centers on their 40-inch sheetfed presses, ranging from two colors to eight colors with coating capabilities. Coral Color specializes in high-end multicolor printing, catering to ad agencies, design studios, manufacturers and broadcasters, producing annual reports, catalogs, brochures and posters. “We are dedicated to increasing the efficiency and quality of our work while remaining conscious of our clients’ budgets,” Aiello stated. “The Screen CTP system has helped lower costs, shorten turnaround times and increase sharpness and quality.” The PlateRite 8000 is an external-drum platesetter with 32-channel infrared laser diodes. It can image plates for most four-up and eight-up presses. The exposure head supports flexible imaging resolutions from 1,200 dpi to 4,000 dpi for high-definition screening. At 2,400 dpi, the PlateRite outputs plates at the rate of 12 plates per hour. “Plates are imaged quickly, and the dot structure is extremely sharp,” said John Trotta, desktop supervisor. “Registration problems have been virtually eliminated.”