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NELA announces first half of 2007 results

Press release from the issuing company

Oakdale, MN - July 11, 2007  - NELA is happy to announce that the first half of 2007 has been very successful for the Minnesota based company. Numerous sales & installations could be realized:

- The Denver Newspaper Agency installed five (5) NELA VCP Vision Punch/Benders in connection with five (5) Kodak Trendsetter News CTP devices with a plate delivery system into the press room. Plates will be tracked with the NELA Page Tracking software, and sorted by press, tower and unit. NELA also provided the PLT Pre-Loaders for the Trendsetters. 

- The New York Times (College Point) installed two (2) NELA VCP-M Multi-Variable Vision Punch/Benders to handle plates for their existing and new Goss presses. The Vision Punch/Benders will be inline with AGFA Polaris CTP devices. NELA upgraded the existing four (4) Vision Punch/Benders with speed kits and a new conveyor system to go in-line with the new AGFA CTP devices.

- The New York Daily News speed-upgraded their three (3) existing NELA VCP Vision Punch/Benders to handle the high speed plate output of their three (3) new CTP devices from Krause/Fuji.

- The Houston Chronicle installed four (4) NELA VCP Vision Punch/Benders with a 48-positions up & down plate stacker in connection with four (4) Agfa Polaris CTP devices. The system will handle up to 1,000 plates per hour.

- The Philadelphia Enquirer purchased two (2) NELA Evolution "High Speed Vision Punch/Bender". The two benders will be connected to two (2) high speed CTP devices from Krause/Fuji.

- Gannett Offset in Springfield purchased a NELA VCP-M Multi Variable Vision Punch/Bender to plate from 46" to 60" web widths.

- Chicago Tribune purchased three (3) NELA VCP Vision Punch/Benders to work in-line with their existing Western LithXposer units.

- Owensboro installed a NELA Benchmark three-point register Punch/Bender with in-line plate transport system to work with two (2) SLP/Screen CTP devices.

- Rochester Post Bulletin will install one (1) NELA Benchmark three point register Punch/Bender with plate transport system in connection with two (2) Kodak Trendsetter News CTP devices.

- Post Newsweek Media finished installing two (2) NELA VCP Vision Punch/Benders with a plate delivery system to transport plates into the press room for their Mitsubishi press. The in-line system is connected to three (3) Agfa Advantage CTP devices.
- The Austin American Statesman taps NELA as their Vision PunchBending supplier. Two (2) NELA VCP Vision Punch/Benders will be in connection with three (3) Kodak Trendsetter News CTP devices. A Multi-Plate Sorter will handle plates coming from all three CTP devices. NELA also provided the PLT Pre- Loaders for the Trendsetters.

- More Sales:  Frederick News Post, Palm Beach Post, Wichita Falls Times, Las Vegas Review, Birmingham News, Janesville Gazette, Orange County Register, La Prensa, Rome News Tribune, El Nuevo Diaro Managua, Hutchingon News, Savannah Morning News, Tacoma News Tribune.

Lock Sales:

- Tampa Tribune taps NELA for their lock-ups and bender supplier for their TKS press.

- Richmond Times & Winston Salem installed lock-ups for their Mitsubishi presses.

- Newport News installed NELA lock-ups for their Goss Metro press.

- Anchorage Alaska installed new NELA locks for their Goss HO press and installed NELA three point bending equipment.

- Victorville purchased NELA tool-less locks for their Goss Urbanite press and a NELA three point register Punch/Bender.

- DGM ordered NELA slot locks for the Paducah Sun's DGM press.

NELA is proud of the success story of its US operation which will celebrate its 7th birthday this July. “We will continue to strive for superior quality and service for all our products. We are constantly improving our technology, our workflow and our service. Success is great but we don't take it for granted”, says David Klein, President of NELA.