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ICS To Demonstrate Its SWOP-Certified Soft Proofing System At IPA Seminar

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY; May 6, 2003 – When Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. (ICS) exhibits at North America’s first Color Proofing Roundup alongside 20 other vendors at the 38th Annual IPA Technical Seminar in Chicago later this month, this emerging leader in color management will display its proofs in a novel way. Instead of producing traditional hardcopy printouts, ICS will present its contract-quality proofs on two 23-inch color LCD monitors. Driving the LCD monitors will be ICS’s new Remote Director 2.0 -- the first display-based “soft” proofing system to have earned certification as a SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) Certified Proofing System. The ICS Remote Director 2.0 system offers unprecedented color accuracy, thereby enabling its users to see, correct and approve final color for contract proofs on computer screens. Although it will not be part of the published results, ICS will demonstrate the color accuracy of the Remote Director 2.0 system by proofing the same IPA-provided PDF/X test files. In addition to displaying the files as proofs, ICS will simulate contract proofing over the Internet using two G4 computer setups, each with its own Apple Cinema LCD Display. The PDF/X test files provided by IPA will be opened using Remote Director 2.0 software and displayed on the “host” G4 system monitor. ICS will use the second G4 monitor to simulate a remote contract proofing session, demonstrating how the Remote Director 2.0 system verifies that monitors at different locations are displaying the same color -- whether the users are viewing the proof in real time, or off-line at their convenience. “ICS is pleased to have this opportunity to exhibit our SWOP-certified Remote Director 2.0 soft proofing system at IPA’s annual Technical Seminar. We look forward to demonstrating how Remote Director 2.0 can dramatically speed up the proofing process while maintaining high standards for color quality and reducing costs,” said Dan Caldwell, Vice President Operations, ICS. The 2003 IPA Technical Seminar, being held May 13-15 at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, will include a demonstration of 21 vendors working side by side to output a suite of PDF/X test files using dozens of proofing solutions. The results are intended to quickly and clearly demonstrate each individual system’s ability to correctly process all of the commands provided in the files.