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Standard Register Rolls Out Web-Based Label Management Inventory System

Press release from the issuing company

DAYTON, Ohio (April 28, 2003) – Standard Register announced the launch of its new Web-based Label Management Inventory System (LMIS). First previewed at the National Manufacturing Week show, this robust application brings a new level of efficiency to inventory management by providing 24/7access to real-time information on label orders, inventories and usage to everyone involved in the process. “In a manufacturing environment, product labels are like any other part – their availability is critical to keeping production on stream,” notes Jeff Strasser, vice president of marketing for Standard Register, Document & Label Solutions. “LMIS provides manufacturers with a cutting-edge tool to streamline replenishment of the myriad of identification, instruction and compliance labels and facilitate just-in-time delivery.” LMIS links the user's production system directly to Standard Register, allowing automatic replenishment of labels through MRP demand flow or min-max scenarios. Leveraging the e- technology developed by SMARTworks, LLC, a Standard Register subsidiary, LMIS provides users with a window onto the process and a set of powerful, but easy-to-use tools for better managing inventories of labels and related parts. The LMIS reporting feature enables users to get an up-to-the-minute look at label usage, stock on hand and pending orders. They can view and trace releases, even link to UPS to track a shipment. Information is readily accessible with a simple point and click of a mouse. An electronic catalog provides users with a convenient reference of all available labels in their inventory system, saving time and minimizing label proliferation. Label image, data, size and material are fully documented, and categorized for easy searching. So users can get quick visual verification of available labels. Or, they can use the label samples as models for creating new ones, instead of reinventing the wheel. “It's a powerful tool,” Strasser emphasizes. “With a Web-enabled front end, LMIS brings current, accurate information to everyone involved in inventory management and replenishment – at headquarters and satellite facilities. Information is at their fingertips whenever they need it. Ultimately, that translates to improved workflow, reduced label proliferation and obsolescence, and an across-the-board savings in manufacturing and inventory costs.”