A.B.Dick Unleashes Its Newest Star Digital Platemakers

Press release from the issuing company

-- Premium Access Members see an interview today with Brian Longe, President & CEO - A.B.Dick Company April 28, 2003 -- CHICAGO, IL – From a long line of digital platemaking champions come two new sensational models from the best selling small format line on the market. A.B.Dick Company today proudly introduces two prominent products from the next generation of its award-winning Digital PlateMaster (DPM) line. With the revolutionary and patented internal ThinDrum™ technology and impressive low price, the eye-catching DPM34 SC/HSC models are the most advanced CTP systems of its kind. The DPM line is recognized as the industry leader with more than 2,000 installations. ThinDrum™ technology provides the superior quality and consistency of internal drum technology, but with less drum surface it removes potential air pockets and eliminates fric-tion. With pre-press steps eliminated and less operator involvement required, the DPM34 HSC can output 40 plates per hour, and 20 plates per hour for the DPM34 SC model. “We are very excited about adding the DPM34 SC/HSC to our all-star product line-up,” said Scott MacKenzie, Vice President of Marketing for A.B.Dick. “Both of our DPM34 digital platemakers follow in the footsteps of tremendously successful devices that address and answer the call for what printers need today. With our new ThinDrum™ technology and at a low price starting from $22,500, these models will instantly appeal to printers who have yet to convert to a digital platemaker. All of the digital advantages, such as labor savings, increased productivity, and improved quality and consistency, will benefit any printer.” A.B.Dick became the small format market leader after the original DPM2000 gained immediate recognition in 1996 with a GATF Technology award for innovation and incredible quality. It was followed by the versatile and highly popular DPM2340, which registered its industry leading 1,000th U.S. installation in 2002. Within the last 18 months, the company unveiled the DPM2404 and the slightly larger DPM2508. DPM sales accelerated after A.B.Dick created new technologies like ScanMaster to work with the CTP system. A digital scanning solution, ScanMaster merges hard copy originals into an all-digital workflow. The DPM 34 SC/HSC offers outstanding resolution at 2400 dpi and screen rulings up to 175 lpi. Extremely flexible, they are capable of performing simple spot color jobs or more elaborate process color work. With a maximum plate width of 13.375” for the DPM34 SC, and widths of 13”, 13.2” and 13.375” for the DPM34 HSC, a printer also has a powerful Harlequin PostScript 3 RIP to work with. In-RIP options to enhance productivity include color proofing software and a fully automatic trapping solution. Polyester plate material is available in two grades. Both 5 mil and 8 mil handle run lengths up to 25,000 impressions and 7 mil paper-based plates are for runs of 10,000 impressions or less. ---- Premium Access Members can read an interview today with Brian Longe, President & CEO - A.B.Dick Company as he discusses this new product and much more. Topics include: - The 4995A-ICS press - 15% of orders, e-business - financial condition - ThinDrum Technology - Market share Visit www.whattheythink.com