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ORIS Color Tuner 5 Passes the Altona Test

Press release from the issuing company

Hainburg, Germany (April 21, 2003) -- The Bundesverband Druck (German Association of Printers) has announced that the latest version of CGS’ digital proofing system, ORIS Color Tuner, was successfully tested with the Altona suite of PDF/X-3 files. The test files, developed by a consortium of European industry organizations,include both visual and technical reference targets, andwill be used in the upcoming IPA Proofing Roundup, to be held in Chicago on May 13-15. Color Tuner is the first system of its kind to correctly handle the Altona files. When the test suite was first introduced at the Digitaldruck Forum last October, none of the participants passed. However, ORIS Color Tuner 5, which shipped last week, met all test conditions presented by the files, which were output without error. Olaf Drümmer, president of Callas Software and co-author of the Altona suite, was very positive about the results. “It is impressive to see how quickly CGS has enhanced Color Tuner 5 to correctly process the Altona Test Suite. All the test patches were reproduced correctly. We congratulate CGS on this result and consider it a confirmation of our work for the test scenario.” PDF/X-3 is an international standard (ISO 15930-3) for digital file exchange, using Adobe’s PDF 1.3 specification. The standard includes the use of color management and “output intents” to facilitate accurate color printing. “CGS has spent considerable development resources to implement the PDF/X-3 standard in all ORIS products,” said CGS Marketing Manager Klaus Eickhoff. “The new versions of ORIS Page and ORIS Works also process PDF/X-3 documents.” Both products can import and export PDF/X-3, as well as most other major file formats. The test suite consists of three PDF files. The first, “Altona_Measure.pdf,” includes the ECI 2002 color characterization target, and other elements for setting up and checking output systems. The second, “Altona_Visual.pdf,” includes a number of challenging visual elements, including spot duotone images, device-independent RGB and CIELab elements, PostScript3 smooth shading and others. The third file, “Altona_Technical.pdf,” includesfont coding and a large number (864) of overprinting conditions. The Altona 1.0 files and documentation may be downloaded from the European Color Initiative’s web site, at www.eci.org/eng/index_e.html, or from the IPA Color Proofing Roundup site, at www.ipa.org/conferences/tech2003/roundup.php3.