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AVT Printvision/Helios: A Complete Automatic Label Inspection Solution

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago, April 18, 2003 – Advanced Vision Technology's (AVT) introduction of the PrintVision/Apollo-Label automatic inspection solution has brought the benefits of quality assurance to label printers around the world. Now known as PrintVision/Helios, with new and enhanced features specifically designed for label printers, the system detects process and random faults, inspecting 100% of the web 100% of the time, alerting operators to every defect to ensure job quality. The PrintVision/Helios employs an LCCD camera that can be used either during a press run, or on a rewinder or other finishing equipment to create a Quality Assurance Station. Operators have complete control with the PrintVision/Helios. During set-up, the system can automatically distinguish between the label and the matrix areas by defining the label contour. It also can distinguish between text and graphics on the label, enabling easier set-up of parameter sensitivities. For printers working for international brands, or on other jobs requiring fine detail and precise printing, the PrintVision/Helios provides an unparalleled level of quality assurance. Designed to meet the specific needs of label printers, PrintVision/Helios will detect flaws in matrix removal, die-cutting registration, missing labels, character defects and other job deficiencies. The system will accurately inspect labels of any size, on any label stock, including paper, reflective materials, transparent films and foils as well as flexible materials. The PrintVision/Helios is designed to OEM configuration, and takes into account the limited space in a pressroom or on a finishing line. Providing a Guarantee of Quality When used on a rewinder as part of a Quality Assurance Station, the PrintVision/Helios will stop the rewinder when it detects a fault, then will move the defect to the operator’s location where he can inspect the fault both on the roll and on the system’s monitor. Whether on a rewinder or on press, the operator may zoom in to inspect and analyze the fault more closely. Defects are classified to aid remedial action on press, or removal on the finishing line. The PrintVision/Helios’ digital defect buffer enables printers to view defects and compare them with the master at any time, with less need for the rewinder’s mechanical buffer. Online job/roll reports with faults images are generated to provide a record of the run, including defect analysis of the faults encountered. Information can be provided in a single, easy-to-read screen, and comprehensive roll reports are generated, detailing where the fault started, where it ended, the type of fault it was and in which lane it occurred. This roll report can be used as a Guarantee of Quality tool for customers. Adding Value All the Way The PrintVision/Helios is well suited for quality-critical products including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and drink labels. With the PrintVision/Helios, printers can assure themselves and their customers that the labels delivered will be both of a quality acceptable to the customer and profitable for the printer. Additional features have been added since the system’s introduction, including an option for a color LCCD camera, and optional support for inspecting reflective substrates. Automatically inspecting reflective materials has major benefits for labels and packaging printers because quality is assured during the press run, and waste of expensive substrates is cut dramatically. The PrintVision/Helios frees press or finishing personnel for more productive and profitable activities while providing the highest level of process control and quality assurance available.