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Kodak Approval Xp4 With Recipe Color Certified For Opaltone Digital Color Technology

Press release from the issuing company

April 15, 2003 -- Chicago, Illinois – Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) and Opaltone Graphic Solutions (OGS) today jointly announced certification of the Kodak Approval XP Digital Halftone Proofing System with Recipe Color Software for Opaltone Seven Color Process. Harper Corporation of America is the exclusive distributor of Opaltone in North & South America. Announced at CMM International, the Kodak Approval XP4 system delivers accurate proofing of the Opaltone process, a reproduction system that creates high-density colors with the use of only seven process inks; CMYK+R’G’B’ ( ‘ denotes optional colors). Opaltone can be used in all print processes including Lithography and Gravure. Its main application is in Flexography where high-density colors cannot be achieved without increasing anilox ink volume. “This is an exciting development for the packaging industry,” said Jerry Willer, Worldwide Product Manager, KPG. “The Opaltone system adds great value in packaging applications and now with the Approval XP4 system, packaging buyers can be confident that a digital halftone proof will accurately represent their printed package.” Opaltone and the Kodak Approval XP4 system equipped with KPG’s exclusive Recipe Color software delivers an expanded color solution without the need for an endless array of specialty donors and spot color inks. With the Recipe Color software, the Approval system is able to accurately reproduce all Opaltone hues, especially the vibrant colors used in the packaging industry. The Kodak Approval XP4 system enables package printers to inspect halftone dots, saturated high-resolution graphics and fully integrated trapping. “Flexo has always struggled to reproduce high-density colors at high screen rulings,” said John Kubinsky, Business Development for Harper’s Opaltone Division. “The Approval XP4 system has adjustable density that accurately predicts what flexo densities can be achieved with high-line screen, lower volume anilox rolls. Additionally, the Recipe Color software can accurately reproduce Opaltone’s primary seven ink colors (CMYK + R’G’B’), which in turn delivers an extended color gamut superior to CMYK alone.” Opaltone’s cost effective seven color solution is optimized to deliver brilliant and saturated hues that are constantly demanded by packaging buyers to improve their products’ shelf appeal. The Approval XP4 system simply but accurately predicts the buyers’ stringent color expectations prior to press. “Our customers demand a proof that can be accurately matched on press,” Willer said. “The Approval system’s versatility continues with the ability to proof on a variety of substrates to again accurately predict the look and feel of a flexible package. Once again the Approval XP system has proven to be the best fit for proofing in high quality packaging and commercial environments.” The first digital color halftone proofing system, the Approval system sets the standard for digital color proofing, and KPG has continued to upgrade and improve the system based on customer needs. The Approval system received its first Graphic Arts Technical Foundation InterTech Award in 1993. It received a second InterTech Award for Recipe Color software in 2000. KPG is a joint venture between Eastman Kodak and Sun Chemical, a licensed Opaltone ink supplier. About Opaltone’s Digital Color Technology Opaltone Seven Color Process was developed by Opaltone Graphic Solutions (OGS), Sydney, Australia. OGS have licensed distributors in Europe (Opaltone Europe) and the USA (Harper Corporation of America). Collectively the group offers Opaltone digital color technology and consulting services for all print processes including; Digital, Flexography, Gravure, Lithography, Rotary Letterpress & Screen. Opaltone digital color technology is a cost-effective alternative to analogue spot color systems. Additional information regarding Opaltone may be found on the company’s website: www.opaltone.com