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Oce InvisiVision Gives Customers Unparalleled Document Flexibility

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY – April 7, 2003 – Océ, the leading provider of production-class printing and copying solutions, announced today the general availability of Océ InvisiVision marking for printing invisible control marks with unparalleled flexibility. Océ InvisiVision provides an innovative solution to a long-standing problem for document professionals. It offers a non-intrusive way to add important information to printed documents without detracting from the document’s intended purpose and design. Océ InvisiVision ensures document integrity and quality by allowing customers to maintain crucial job monitoring. "Océ is again at the forefront of innovation with invisible marking capabilities for variable data in the digital printing environment,” said Carl Joachim, vice president of marketing for Océ Printing Systems, USA. “Businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their customer response rates by eliminating the ‘cookie-cutter/mass-produced’ appearance of targeted message mail pieces. Now intrusive barcodes are no longer obstacles to greater document integrity, security, and visual appeal. Océ InvisiVision also helps drive automated workflow and maintain quality, so customers can work without worry and achieve maximum efficiency." Océ InvisiVision performs the same functions as visible barcodes, but with significant advantages. Users can print information-packed 2D and linear barcodes to drive intelligent pre-and post-printing processes and enable piece- and job-level tracking without detracting from the appearance of a document. The invisible control and security marks can be placed anywhere on a page for unparalleled flexibility in personalized document design and production, while simultaneously reducing redesign time and costs. Additional benefits include reduced waste and simplification of workflow, as users no longer have to be concerned with trimming marks off before documents are finished. The versatile Océ InvisiVision system helps many areas of an organization. Accounting can track incoming remittances or automate remittance processing without opening reply envelopes. Marketing departments can capture response data, and the captured information can be used to develop future campaigns with higher effectiveness. When coupled with Océ’s PRISMAaudit document management solution, the marks applied by Océ InvisiVision support monitoring and tracking of daily production from the job level down to the individual document page. This enables print production and direct mail shops to generate accurate, detailed reports to compare with US Postal Service manifests, while ensuring each recipient’s document was properly produced and mailed. In Booth 2501 at On Demand, Océ is demonstrating the Océ InvisiVision solution to automate processing of outbound documents and to reduce handling of inbound remittance responses. Océ InvisiVision will be shown applying invisible ink marks to targeted direct marketing solicitation letters. The invisible marks contain information to automate identification of the returned response form. The invisible mark on the return response is read without having to open response envelopes, perform manual key entry, or use time-consuming OCR scanning and recognition processes. As a result, the entire customer response process is speeded up, and operation overhead and expenses are reduced.