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Trueflow Version 2.1 New Features Build More Streamlined Environment

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., March 24, 2003 -- Printers continue to seek speed, efficiency and profits in digital production. In its ongoing effort to create a more streamlined electronic print environment, Screen USA has launched Trueflow version 2.1, the latest version of the innovative workflow management solution that leverages the efficiency of PDF and the power of the Internet. Ideal for customers requiring high-volume throughput, Trueflow brings together an array of sophisticated features in a single workflow solution package, including job management, PDF trapping, enhanced network connectivity, web approval of pages and imposed flats, and connectivity to different output devices. The page-based system creates customized job tickets and process plans, which control and perform user-defined functions. Trueflow supports Internet-based communication between printers and their customers, streamlining the process of job submission, tracking and proofing. Users can upload and download job data directly into the Trueflow system from any computer with a standard Java-enabled web browser. Printers have the ability to provide their customers with secure access to their jobs. Print buyers can be given access to job status, proof jobs remotely, request changes by submitting annotated PDFs and approve pages. Trueflow version 2.1 increases workflow speed and efficiency without compromising process control. It puts full workflow automation and control in a single comprehensive graphical user interface. Screen has enhanced the structure, look and feel of the user interface, creating a simple unified tool for performing operations and searching for information. Easily identifiable icons give users visual representations of jobs, processes and functionality, reducing training time and increasing user comprehension. Trueflow version 2.1 provides PDF 1.4 support, in addition to processing PDF 1.3 and PostScript Level 3 files. It also provides JDF server support. Standard features include direct interpretation and RIP’ing of PDF 1.4, PDF 1.3 and PostScript files. The system supports numerous output file formats, including RIP’ed PDF, RIP’ed PS/EPS, Outline EPS, Outline PDF, 1-bit TIFF, TIFF-IT, CMYK TIFF, DCS2, CIP3 and PDF/X-1a. Outline PostScript output is available with composite and separation settings. In addition, TIFF output supports LZW compression. Trueflow version 2.1 boosts overall productivity by increasing RIP’ing speed, as well as calculating output calculation and recording tasks. Once the RIP time is completed, the queue is cleared for the next output calculation to begin. This allows more output processes to take place in a shorter period of time. Version 2.1 also includes a new, expanded set of imposition schemes. It supports the mixing of both normal and free mode signatures, perfect bound and saddle stitch, and double front and double back in the same imposition. Trueflow’s new spot color filtering function enables users to merge spot colors directly in Trueflow during the importing of PostScript or PDF files. The power of Trueflow version 2.1 is enhanced with the addition of trapping and imposition modules, TrapEditor 2.0 and FlatWorker 5.0. TrapEditor version 2.0 allows for quick and easy control of detailed trap settings. It runs on a separate Windows NT/2000 platform, and can trap multiple text sizes and support image-to-image trapping. TrapEditor version 2.0 adds transparencies and varnish plate support. It includes an edit function for trap color, and expands the auto-trap function. Users also can assign round, beveled and mitered trap shapes to pages. FlatWorker 5.0 improves the advancement of prepress integration. FlatWorker 5.0 enhances the ability to record multiple files and jobs on a single plate. It provides 1-bit TIFF imposition support, improved packaging data support, copydot support for PJTF and page replacement for flat layout.