Scanvec Amiable Announces the Release of New Training Tools

Press release from the issuing company

Philadelphia, PA, March 18, 2003 - Scanvec Amiable is proud to announce the release of a new set of training tools developed by the Scanvec Amiable Learning Institute. The new training tools are aimed at making Scanvec Amiable end-users more productive by learning how to get the most out of their investments. To be able to fully utilize the software solutions enables the end-user to become more profitable. For more information about these new Training Tools visit: http://www1.scanvecamiable.com/support/Training%20Tools.htm Now available through Scanvec Amiable Resellers are: ·FlexiSIGN 7 Training CD - VOLUME I: $74.95 This training CD is user interactive and a self-paced course that will take all users through the essentials of FlexiSIGN 7. After taking this self-paced course, any user will more fully equipped to take full advantage of FlexiSIGN 7. ·Flexi Learning Manual - Course No. 101: $9.95 You Gotta Know This Stuff! This is a self-paced written learning tool. This training tool has been designed in a short booklet form to highlight specific topics. This booklet forms the foundation for future releases and contains essential topics for using and understanding Flexi7. ·Flexi Learning Manual - Course No. 102: $9.95 Smart Objects, Menus & Arranging Them This self-paced learning tool is designed similarly to our Course 101. This learning booklet focuses upon the topic of Smart Objects and how to take advantage of them to accelerate production. This is a foundational subject to using Flexi 7. ·The Digital Imaging Workshop CD: $49.95 A Collection of articles that will enable the user, new to color output This CD is an accumulation of many man-hours of Internet searching compiled into a single CD. Some text prints and targets for calibration are included. This CD is formatted with an easy to use interface. Some of the topics included are Calibration of your Scanner, Calibration of your Monitor, Calibration of your Printer, and Basic Color Concepts. The Scanvec Amiable Institute has designed entertaining and very informative Learning Programs that all focus on leveraging all the features and functionality of Scanvec Amiable software solutions. Users that know and understand all of the features, functionality and capabilities better utilize and appreciate the value of their investment. The Scanvec Amiable Institute has learning programs specially designed to enhance the experience of the end-user’s investment. All of the Scanvec Amiable Learning Institute Programs are designed to make the end-user more productive, cost-effective and generally better than the competition.