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Document Sciences Corporation Introduces xPression

Press release from the issuing company

Carlsbad, Calif., March 10, 2003 -- Document Sciences Corporation, a proven leader and innovator in automating creation and delivery of enterprise business communications, announced today the release of xPression, the first universal content processing services architecture. xPression extends the capabilities of enterprise Content Management, CRM, Portal and Business Application systems through an open, J2EE/XML component-based architecture. It integrates with an organizationís existing business workflows to create and deliver both real-time and high volume business communications, highly customized for each recipient. xPression provides businesses, system integrators and non-technical users with one universal content services platform capable of meeting their specific multi-channel publishing needs, today and in the future. All organizations need do is Just Add Content.(TM) "Document Sciences' xPression presents a compelling alternative for real-time content integration through a standards-based, service-oriented architecture," said Nathaniel Palmer, Vice President and Chief Analyst of the Delphi Group. "xPression allows organizations to best leverage existing IT investments, through the virtualization of otherwise inaccessible business data into content services easily integrated into business processes and enterprise applications such as portals and CRM." Traditional document automation systems are typically deployed within a particular department of an organization to create personalized customer communications, delivered mainly in printed form. These systems are rarely integrated with other solutions within the enterprise, because their closed, proprietary architectures can make integration challenging. Universal content processing (UCP) services such as xPression, are architected for deployment across the entire enterprise, allowing other systems to call upon the UCP services as needed, to create and deliver business communications in real-time, published through multiple channels. By tightly integrating with existing systems, data, and workflows, UCP services can contribute significantly to both streamlined business processes and more responsive customer communications. "Our major objective with xPression was to create an entirely new way to automate business communications that would meet the challenge of multi-channel customer communications, and be deployable across an entire enterprise." said Jack McGannon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Document Sciences Corp. "The release of xPression represents a significant achievement in the history of Document Sciences and a foundation for our growth ñ an open architecture with out-of-the-box connectivity, that runs on leading application servers, and allows companies to leverage all forms of content, such as data, text, images and multimedia within their enterprise IT systems when communicating with customers." xPression uses XML as a common language that connects to an organizationís existing workflow components, allowing disparate systems to communicate with one another, radically increasing efficiency creation and delivery of business communications from sales, administration, compliance, customer service and direct marketing departments. xPression works hand-in-hand with Microsoft Word“ to design documents based on business rules, eliminating the need for manual coding and making the system easy for anyone to learn and use. Companies gain flexibility because xPression can communicate with any industry-standard solution, customize content at a high level of granularity, generate output through multiple channels and handle both transactional and high-volume batch processes. xPression ensures maximum workflow efficiency through real-time communication, greatly reducing lag time and streamlining processes in every affected area. Its Application Server deployment strategy allows xPression to take advantage of scalability, fault tolerance and network security systems, keeping valuable content secure and under approved control. Document Sciences built xPression from the ground up to support a variety of platforms, languages, and applications. It runs on an IBM“ WebSphere“ application server, and is compatible with Windows“ 2000, Sun“ Solaris“, IBM“ AIX“, and HP“/UX platforms. Support for BEA“ WebLogic“ application servers, and z/OS will be added later this year. xPression is Unicode compatible and can support XML of any dialect. It integrates with industry-standard relational databases such as Oracle“, DB2, and SQL Server and its open API framework allows easy connection with leading CRM, ECM and archival solutions, as well as .NET“ platform applications. xPressionís Upgrade Utility allows companies currently using Document Sciencesí Autograph DLSTM product to easily migrate their applications to the xPression environment if application server operability is desired. Supported output formats include: PDF“, HTML, Postscript, “ AFP“, Metacode“, and PCL“ Several leading financial organizations have already chosen to implement xPression for their customer communications.