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SSPP Announces New Aptitude And Personality Assessment Tests

Press release from the issuing company

The Society for Service Professionals in Printing (SSPP) announces a new alliance with Directional Insight International. SSPP, the only membership organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the customer service professional in the printing industry, will provide its members a new management tool to select and manage its most important resource - its people. Through Directional Insight International, these new lines of hiring and management assessment tools are geared specifically for the manager of those that are responsible for customer service in the printing industry. Graphics communications companies can utilize the “Nsight Aptitude/Personality Assessment” to: - Determine appropriateness of the job for a particular individual - Understand the most effective way to manage each individual - Develop a more effective team building approach - Receive developmental and targeted training suggestions - Ascertain how well employees will work with each other and with their specific managers - creating and building a strong team - Clarify future leadership capabilities and - Increase management effectiveness. The alliance will further SSPP’s mission of strengthening customer service job skills by assisting the printing community in effectively hiring and managing its employees. Says Denise Pons, SSPP Director “In this changing economy, a company’s top priority should be the recruitment, retention and recognition of great customer service people to serve their client’s needs. They cannot afford to have a “bad hire” - and these new business tools will not only help hire the right employee, but also manage and keep them as a valuable asset to their company.” According to Penny Reynolds, President of Directional Insight International, “Pre-employment assessment is as close as you can get to sitting down with all of an applicant’s previous employers and asking the questions desired regarding on-the-job abilities and behavior.” Due to the science involved in assessment construction (i.e., consistent questioning format, scientific method of measuring the various responses) assessment is a sure way to receive candid, unbiased and comprehensive answers. To venture a step further, the hiring manager will be in possession of valuable insight regarding understanding how to best manage the new hire to their full potential. Directional Insight International will offer the following tests via SSPP: Platinum Service - the most detailed service includes a 13-14 page analysis supported by a comprehensive telephone consultation detailing the results of The NSight Aptitude/Personality assessment in relationship to the position under review Gold Service - includes a detailed 11 page written analysis without the supporting telephone consultation detailing the results of The NSight Aptitude/Personality assessment Silver Service for those who wish to assess the key personality traits of customer service personnel only, this service includes a 9-page written analysis detailing the results of the NSight Personality questionnaire Bronze Service - comprehensive telephone debriefing only - no written report - a score sheet provided as reference - can utilize either The NSight Aptitude/Personality questionnaire or The NSight Personality questionnaire Iron Service - brief personality assessment, especially designed to give a quick snapshot of an applicant’s work related attitudes, attitudes that lead to on-the-job behavior. Especially suited to customer service positions. The NSight Positive Impressions Questionnaire includes a 6-7 page written analysis. For more information regarding this new product, please contact SSPP at 877-777-7398 or email [email protected]