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Oce Demonstrates Wide-format Digital Color Printing Products at PMA

Press release from the issuing company

LAS VEGAS, March 2, 2003 – Océ will demonstrate three digital printing technologies at the Photo Marketing Association International’s annual convention opening today that can help professional photo labs expand into new markets. At Océ booth #H180, the following products will be demonstrated: The Océ LightJet 500XL superwide photo laser printer is the only printer of its kind that can image onto photographic media greater than 50 inches wide. Océ LightJet 500XL prints are ideal for oversized applications where seaming is not desired, such as backlit graphics, tradeshow displays, point-of-purchase posters and fine art photography. The Océ Arizona 500 wide-format ink jet printer with the new Print & Go module increases productivity by incorporating an alternative media exit path for a “roll-to-sheet” capability. For labs considering adding outdoor-durable prints, this configuration offers shops the ability to produce volumes of one-off jobs with the dual benefit of time and cost savings. The Océ Arizona T220 outdoor-durable flatbed ink jet printer can print to a variety of uncoated or coated, rigid or flexible substrates up to 62 inches wide by 120 inches long by 2 inches thick. Its flatbed architecture eliminates time consuming finishing steps, and its generous height allowance enables printing onto non-traditional substrates such as window blinds and furniture panels. According to the latest PMA Industry Trends Report - Professional Markets, although traditional lab sales decreased during the 2001-2002 time period, digital imaging services continued to be profitable for those labs surveyed. The report also states “large-format color computer-printer prints continued to lead all digital-imaging services in the digital-imaging sales share, contributing 31 percent of revenue.” Seventy-eight percent of the surveyed labs that offered large-format color computer-printer prints, reported this segment of their business is profitable. “These trends tell us that professional labs are actively seeking out alternative technologies, primarily in the digital imaging area, where they can grow their revenues and profits,” said Joyce Virnich, vice president of marketing for the Wide Format Printing Systems business unit of Océ-USA, Inc. “The products we have chosen to display at PMA 2003 offer Océ’s best options on three different platforms to help professional labs go beyond traditional photo printing.” Océ LightJet 500XL The Océ LightJet 500XL, winner of the 2002 DIMA Shoot-Out Award in the Photo Printers, 52” Wide or More category, is a high-speed, superwide printer that images at up to 485 square feet per hour, onto photographic media up to 76 inches wide, while delivering exceptional quality of 4,000 dots per inch (dpi) apparent resolution. Based on the award-winning Océ LightJet 430 architecture, the Océ LightJet 500XL produces unbeatable quality digital prints using three lasers to image photographic media within an internal drum system. To facilitate fast imaging of long length images up to 76.5 inches x 120.5 inches, its internal drum has a 121-inch circumference and a 270° wrap. A maximum size print is completed in as little as 7.9 minutes at 200 dpi. With a price tag of $224,995 in the U.S., the Océ LightJet 500XL offers the best price/performance ratio among wide format photo printers in the industry and is the only photo laser printer capable of printing onto photographic media larger than 50 inches wide. The Océ LightJet 500XL offers the flexibility of two resolutions: 200 and 300 dpi. Its continuous tone output, which has no dots, has an apparent resolution of 4,000 dpi. The Océ LightJet 500XL supports available photographic roll media in 50-, 60- and 72-inch widths and specialty photographic roll media up to 76 inches wide. Its Air Glide micropositioner ensures reliability and consistent, exceptional image quality. Since it has a relatively small footprint and can be loaded and unloaded from the same side, the Océ LightJet 500XL requires a darkroom that is only 11 feet wide by 16 feet long. Océ LightJet 500XL prints are ideal for oversized applications where seaming is not desired, such as backlit graphics, tradeshow displays, point-of-purchase posters and fine art photography. The Océ LightJet 500XL has been commercially available since mid-year 2002. Onyx PosterShop® software for the LightJet 500XL is available as an option to drive the printer. Océ Arizona 500 with Print & Go Module and Infrared (IR) Drying System The Océ Arizona 500 is a 75-inch wide large format printer delivering resolutions up to 600 apparent (309 addressable) dpi using Océ ColorBlendTM six-color (Super CMYK) color printing technology. Production print speeds are up to 250 square feet per hour in four-pass mode. The Océ Arizona 500 uses solvent-based pigmented inks and can print on a variety of roll-based, uncoated vinyl media. The Océ Arizona 500 is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications where image quality with outstanding highlights and fast production speeds are required. Target applications are exhibit graphics, banners, posters, backlit displays, point-of-purchase advertising, vehicle wraps, fleet graphics and kiosks. The new Print & Go module adds an alternative media exit path, also known as “roll-to-sheet,” enabling immediate access to printed graphics without stopping the printer to unload the take-up roll. Océ Arizona 500 owners can continue to use the printer’s internal take-up roll or choose to feed the printed media through a specially designed slot in the front panel onto the external Print & Go take-up reel. The modular, external take-up system includes a motor and is mounted on locking wheels for easy portability and storage. It uses standard Océ Arizona 500 take-up reels. The alternative media exit path gives users immediate access to printed graphics that speeds throughput by reducing the time between print and finishing. Prints are immediately available without stopping the printer to unload the imaged media. For shops with heavy volumes of one-off jobs, this translates not only to time savings but also to cost savings as well. When using the Print & Go feature, re-webbing to the internal take-up reel is unnecessary, and there is less media waste between prints. In addition to the Print & Go feature, the company has introduced a new drying system in the Océ Arizona 500. In addition to the built-in forced air heat drying system inside the main cabinet, a new IR dryer is now mounted to the front of the Océ Arizona 500 in a panel just above the alternative media exit path. The IR technology aids in drying the Océ Arizona 500 solvent-based inks, so prints are ready for finishing or mounting immediately after printing. Infrared is a part of the spectrum beyond visible light that gives off a significant amount of heat, in relation to power required and size, making it an effective heat source for drying. The IR dryer uses radiant heat, which means it predominately heats the ink and media – not the air – resulting in a highly-focused system that targets specific areas to ensure proper drying. The IR technology enables Océ Arizona 500 users to run the printer at higher speeds while still drying multiple types of media, even with heavy ink coverage. The Océ Arizona 500 is available for order now, with a US price of $149,995. Onyx ProductionHouseTM software or Onyx PosterShop software are available as options to drive the printer. Océ Arizona T220 The newest member of the Océ Arizona line of solvent-based ink jet printers – the Océ Arizona T220 – is a flatbed model that can print to a variety of uncoated or coated, rigid or flexible substrates. A production speed ink jet printer, the Océ Arizona T220 uses piezo printing technology and solvent-based inks to produce outdoor-durable output. It can print directly onto rigid and flexible substrates up to 62 inches wide by 120 inches long by 2 inches thick. There is no minimum print size which eliminates the need to use more material than necessary. With four print heads per color, the Océ Arizona T220 can achieve true production print speeds of up 180 square feet per hour in four-pass mode and up to 90 square feet per hour in eight-pass mode. The Océ Arizona T220 holds substrates stationary on a flat, vacuum table while the print head assembly moves across the table to create the print, eliminating image skew problems associated with manual-fed systems. It can print full bleeds, saving time and labor costs in finishing. The Océ Arizona T220 uses the unique Océ ColorBlend technology that adds light cyan and light magenta to achieve a wider color gamut, smoother mid-tones, and an apparent resolution of 600 dpi. Auto-sensing of the media surface and size ensures that the print carriage is at the proper height for optimal printing. The Océ Arizona T220 can print directly onto a variety of uncoated or coated rigid or flexible substrates such as foam-core style mounting board, vinyl, tile, PVC sheets, carpet, and more. It is ideal for producing exhibit graphics, point-of-purchase displays, proofs and comps, plus specialty items such as custom tiles, furniture panels and window blinds. The Océ Arizona T220 will be commercially available in the U.S. in early Q2-03, with a U.S. price of $175,000. Onyx ProductionHouse software or Onyx PosterShop software are available as options to drive the printer.