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CGATS Issues New Report on Packaging Printing Color and Process Control

Press release from the issuing company

March 4, 2003 -- The Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS) has published a new technical report on color and process control in packaging printing, designed to bridge the many communications gaps that have often arisen in the packaging workflow and assure dependable, predictable press output. The new report was developed by CGATS’s Special Task Force 2, Ink and Color Characterization for Packaging. CGATS Technical Report TR 012 Graphic technology — Color reproduction and process control for packaging printing, is part of a series of technical reports and standards being developed by CGATS, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. TR 012 follows and builds on an earlier report, ANSI CGATS TR 011, Graphic technology — Package development workflow — Design concept through approved production file. CGATS TR 011 provides guidelines to bring a packaging project from concept through an approved production file, identifying tools, recommending roles and responsibilities of participants, providing default specifications for communicating color issues, and identifying guidelines and standards that can be used to further define required parameters. The report also addresses some of the production concerns relating to later-stage package manufacturing processes that may place constraints on the printing process or affect color appearance of printed materials. Beginning where CGATS TR 011 left off, CGATS TR 012 focuses chiefly on color control and the development of representative color characterization data. In addition, it provides a common language for communicating color problems, issues and solutions. The components of these two key technical reports are intended to help avoid misunderstandings and communications breakdowns among these participants, and to help ensure that the printed results are as expectedl "Too often, color characterization data is measured, or selected, that is not representative of the expected printing conditions that will be actually used for the live work. The recommendations and steps included in ANSI CGATS TR 012 help ensure that the characterization data prepared will properly represent real printing conditions and thus will facilitate valid digital proofing aims and data preparation that matches the expected printing condition," said Larry Steele, Chair of CGATS. "All improvements to process consistency ultimately translate into greater customer satisfaction," noted Dick Dunnington, Chair of CGATS Special Task Force 2. "A more efficient operation coupled with greater customer satisfaction often leads to greater capacity and additional business. "The members of the task force believe that the principles described in this technical report will have applicability well beyond packaging printing, and urge the consideration of these principals by other segments of the printing industry," said Dunnington.