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Creo Announces Leaf Valeo Digital Camera Back for Contax 645 AF Camera

Press release from the issuing company

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Feb. 25, 2003 -- Creo announces the release of a new model of the Leaf(TM) Valeo portable digital camera back for the Contax 645 AF camera, a member of the new generation of medium-format cameras designed to integrate high-end digital photography. In Latin, "Valeo" means power, strength and efficiency. The Leaf Valeo digital camera back family provides these qualities for the professional photographer in the studio and on-location. The Leaf Valeo integrates Leaf Portable Power, a unique approach to portable digital photography, with a removable 5 GB Digital Magazine and the Leaf DP-67, a detachable 6x7 cm image display, which acts as a "digital proof", using the Compaq iPAQ pocket PC. Creo began commercial shipments of the Leaf Valeo in December 2002. High Performance with Leaf Valeo for Contax The Leaf Valeo backs communicate with the Contax camera via internal electronic contacts. This produces the fastest performing digital medium-format system on the market today and the smoothest operation without external cables. The Leaf Valeo 6 for Contax captures an image every 0.7 second. The Leaf Valeo 11 contains an eleven-mega-pixel sensor; provides a burst rate of eight frames, and stores over 200 images in uncompressed 16-bit raw data files. It is designed for commercial and advertising photography. The Leaf Valeo 6 contains a six-mega-pixel sensor; provides a burst rate of 16 frames, and stores over 350 images in uncompressed 16-bit raw data files. It is ideal for portrait and wedding photography. Both models utilize the Leaf DP-67 image display as part of the portable solution. Leaf Valeo Connectivity Leaf Valeo digital camera back models are compatible with Mamiya 645AFD, Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya RB67, Hasselblad Mechanical and Electronic models including 500, 503, 553 and 555, Bronica SQAi, Bronica ETRSi, Fuji GX680, Horseman DigiFlex II, Kapture Group TrueWide and all 4"x5" view cameras, including Sinar, Cambo, Toyo, Linhof, Horseman, ArcaSwiss, Rollei and others. Creo Leaf: A History of Innovation Leaf introduced the world's first digital camera back, the Leaf DCB, in 1992. Leaf continues this tradition with the Leaf Valeo portable digital camera back. Other Leaf products include the Leaf(TM) Volare, Leaf(TM) Cantare XY, and Leaf Large Digital Format camera backs; and the Leaf(TM) Capture V8 and Leaf(TM) oXYgen software. For more information about Leaf, visit www.creo.com/leaf.