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ICS Introduces Remote Director 2.0, Soft Color Proofing System

Press release from the issuing company

Encinitas, CA; January 16, 2003 – Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. (ICS), today announced Remote Director 2.0, a new version of its collaborative proofing system that offers unprecedented color accuracy and enables its users to verify the color of pre-press proofs, whether they are maintained in digital format on computer screens or printed out for viewing off-line. This high level of color accuracy has allowed Remote Director 2.0 to become the first display-based off-press proofing system to be certified by SWOP Incorporated. The prestigious SWOP certification means Remote Director 2.0 can be used for contract proofs that conform to the widely recognized SWOP Specifications for Web Offset Publications. (see separate press release) "Remote Director 2.0 represents an important milestone in print production because it allows documents and images to be maintained in digital form until they are ready to be put on press," says Dan Caldwell, VP of Operations, ICS. "Using a display-based, ‘soft’ proof as a contract proof can dramatically speed up the production process by easily reducing the time associated with making, shipping, viewing and correcting hard-copy proofs from several days to just a few hours." The new SWOP-certified version of Remote Director builds on ICS’ core color management technology with new features that enable any number of users to collaborate in dynamic proofing sessions, permit cable and DSL connectivity, and allow color-calibrated "static" proofing sessions for remote viewing at users’ convenience. Remote Director 2.0 even makes it possible to print contract-quality "hard" proofs at any location, to gain approvals from clients who do not have computer access and to enable portable versions of the contract proof for comparison with output on press. Remote Director 2.0 also taps the power of Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar) running on the Power Mac G4 computer, and uses Apple Computer’s Cinema or Cinema HD color LCD displays. New Features and Functionality Remote Director was introduced in 2001 as the industry's first color-accurate soft proofing tool. The collaborative proofing system uses industry standard International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles from cameras, scanners and printers to accurately display color that simulates the final printing conditions of the document. Remote Director 2.0 allows any number of Apple Cinema LCD display users to view and comment on a document or image on-line from different locations simultaneously. The system’s dynamic collaboration features allow users to make and approve edits to color and graphical content in real time, providing significant time and cost savings compared to printing and delivering hard-copy proofs. The new version of Remote Director provides: Static proofing session capabilities – allowing the host user to post proofs for remote viewing at the client's convenience. Each soft proof is delivered with the host's display calibration embedded. The client sees a red/green visual indicator assuring him that his current display is calibrated the same as the host who provided the proof, or warns him that it differs. DHCP connectivity – eliminating the need to have a static Internet Protocol (IP) address between sites. This opens up Remote Director to many more users who currently use cable and DSL connectivity. Image based display verification – exceeds version 1.0’s synchronizing of displays to verify the user's display for every image. This allows unprecedented color accuracy in static and dynamic proofing sessions. Color-accurate hard proofs – enables printing a contract quality proof at any location for delivery to the press site or anyone who cannot view the display-based proof. Remote Director was developed by the ICS color technology team, recognized as innovators and providers of many color tools for using and advancing color management technology. Remote Director uses industry standard International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles from cameras, scanners and printers to accurately display color simulations of final printing conditions. This display calibration and profiling is currently the best-in-class technology and is sold through dealers under the ICS basICColor brand name. The SWOP-certified Remote Director 2.0 is available immediately from Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. About ICS Integrated Color Solutions, Inc. is a technology leader in providing color management solutions to industries where color is critical, including the graphic arts, printing, packaging and manufacturing. For more information about ICS, please visit the ICS website at www.icscolor.com.