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DiMS! Flexible Templates Enable Easy, Low-cost MIS implementation, Fast ROI

Press release from the issuing company

Lisle, IL – January 14, 2003 – DiMS! organizing print announces DiMS! business templates – product-focused templates based on business rules, which facilitate a smooth implementation process and quick return on investment by helping to speed business productivity and efficiency. Leveraging the knowledge of its printing and graphic industry experts, DiMS! utilizes product-specific business templates to facilitate easy implementation of the software and increased operational efficiency for the business — whether a magazine, directory, catalog, retail insert, or book printer. The flexible business templates allow for incredibly fast implementation because only minimal user customization is required to get the software up and running. Depending on the complexity of the customer’s operations, implementation times can be as short as four weeks. “For one marquis customer, a commercial printer aiming to streamline operations at an enterprise-level, we implemented DiMS! across two plants in a single month,” said Gerard Marneth, President/CEO, DiMS! organizing print. “The business templates are such powerful tools because they are built upon a solid foundation of industry knowledge, yet are flexible enough to mold to each customer’s unique business. They are at the crux of our implementation process, and I believe, one of the key differentiators between us and the competition,” said Marneth. To complete the entire implementation mentioned above – encompassing a total of 32 plants – took a mere year and a half. When customers first implement DiMS!, they are given an initial “toolbox” with business templates, or data templates, already containing approximately 80% of the standard, requisite information for a printing format (i.e., magazine, book, retail insert, etc.). Every template is built based on business rules pertaining to common activities and workflow. The remaining 20% of the template is then tailored per the customer’s specific business needs (which can range from simplistic to very specialized, complex requirements). This is a huge benefit because the ease of implementation allows the customer to focus on real issues, like training and change management, rather than dealing with a cumbersome, time-consuming, from-the-ground-up solution. With DiMS!, customers start with the segment-specific basics and then consultants help to tailor areas of the system to their specific business. Moreover, the system is completely scalable so, as the business grows, the templates are easily adaptable to new processes and operational needs. Rather than reinventing the wheel every time changes occur, the templates function as business models that already contain most of the necessary data, only requiring a small amount of tweaking. This significantly decreases set-up times and allows for greater efficiency while minimizing rollout times. The smooth implementation process enabled by the business templates results in swift returns, realized both at the plant and ultimately, the enterprise level. An investment in DiMS!’ streamlined system allows an organization to achieve operational excellence and cost-savings through: better process controls; heightened inventory management; reduced labor costs; and more accurate and consistent data, in a fast, efficient timeframe. This short payback period means a quantifiable, near-term impact on the organization’s bottom line. About DiMS! organizing print DiMS! organizing print develops, sells and implements DiMS!, a unique management information solution for the printing industry. DiMS! contains all the functionality necessary in a single software package to fully integrate the complete range of business processes. From estimating to planning and scheduling, pre-press to production, and supply chain to transportation, DiMS! does it all. Founded in 1986 in the Netherlands, DiMS! organizing print captured a large portion of the European market with customers such as PlantijnCasparie Group, Gestel Printing, Roto Smeets Group and AGI Media Packaging (Sony Music). Most recently in 2001, DiMS! organizing print launched its presence in the US with R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company as their first customer. Their US headquarters are in Lisle, IL.