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HumanEyes' Jeff Miller to Speak at KBA Lenticular Seminar

Press release from the issuing company

JERUSALEM and NEW YORK, May 29, 2007 -- Jeff Miller, Director of Sales for HumanEyes in the Americas, has been invited by KBA North America to address the attendees of its Second Weeklong Lenticular Seminar. This educational event is taking place at KBA North America’s facilities beginning today, May 29th, and continuing for 5 days total. Miller will introduce the audience to the new opportunities now available in lenticular content creation and production as made available to mainstream printers by HumanEyes Technologies. In his session at this event, Miller will cover the major advances that have been made in lenticular design, processing and output; as well as dispel some of the misconceptions regarding these applications. “Lenticular is one of the most exciting and profitable areas of growth for print in the next decade,” Miller says. Miller will reference real-life, practical applications of lenticular technologies that have powered major and positive paradigm shifts in marketing campaigns and relative expectations for the smallest through largest customers, including some very well known brands. “There’s plenty of fast ROI to be had for everyone with today’s advanced lenticular and 3D solutions,” Miller says, “and KBA is one of those leading the charge with a proven solution that’s making its customers more money, and their customers very happy. I’m excited to take part in this event, supporting KBA and its partners as true champions of lenticular possibilities.” The KBA Seminar covers lenticular printing from prepress to press, and is broken into succinct segments, beginning with a history of lenticular printing, describing the different animation effects,and moving into the various lens options. The seminar also explores prepress issues and interlacing, the process of striping and arranging printed information to a given pitch to match a lenticular lens; available software; pitch testing, in which the exact count or number of lenticules per inch (lpi) is measured; and mechanical pitch, the exact and true physical pitch of a lens. All attendees actually produce a unique lenticular job on their own. These jobs will include a 3D lenticular marketing piece for KBA and multiple animated 3D pieces. The seminar provides information on new markets for lenticular printing, such as packaging, point-of-purchase, direct mail, collectibles, premiums, magazine covers and inserts, art posters, and large format jobs.