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Solo Printing Installs New Fujifilm CTP System, Flourishes in Spite of Economy

Press release from the issuing company

HANOVER PARK, Ill., November 21, 2002 — When George and Manny Hernandez first opened the doors of Miami-based Solo Printing in 1995, they never dreamed they’d be so successful — or, going so strong during a landslide decline in the economy. Just days after the September 11 attacks, the brother-partners gave the thumbs-up to continuing their multi-million dollar investment plan, which included installing a new Fujifilm computer-to-plate (CTP) system. In contrast to most printers, who are struggling due to the economic decline, Solo Printing execs report that 2001 was "a banner year" ($10 million in sales), and they claim 2002 looks even better. Projecting a 27 percent increase in sales over last year, Manny Hernandez, president and director of operations, believes his company’s new CTP capabilities will play a major role in accomplishing this goal. "Our fully-integrated Fujifilm CTP system is improving quality, providing lower operational costs and offering substantial time savings," Hernandez says. The technology, which was installed in April, consists of a Fujifilm Saber Luxel P-9600 platesetter, a C-550 flatbed scanner and a PictroProof digital color proofer. Solo Printing also has a Fujifilm Sumo imagesetter that was installed two years ago. As for the PictroProof, a digital contone proofer that employs a laser diode-exposed imaging process, Hernandez says, "it’s a real nice proof" that produces high-quality color results. "It matches on-press," he maintains, "and our customers are very pleased with it." Using CMY donor material and receiver paper to simulate commercial printing ink and stock, the PictroProof replicates the color and feel of an analog proof without any chemicals or toners. Capable of producing a two-page proof in 93 seconds and 53 seconds for subsequent proofs, Dale Meldgaard, director of sales and marketing, reports this compact digital device is as fast as it is accurate. Solo Printing execs are also very pleased with the other two components of the Fujifilm package: the C-550 flatbed scanner and the Saber Luxel P-9600 CTP platesetter. The C-550 features magnification ranges up to 4,500 percent and produces up to 80 scans per hour. The Saber, an eight-up format technology that won a GATF InterTech Award, is reportedly the fastest platesetter in its class, offering up to 43 plates per hour at 1,219 dpi. Both Hernandez and Meldgaard agree: "We’re very enthusiastic about our new direct-to-plate technology." The company’s extended capabilities give it a "strong, competitive cost advantage," contends Hernandez, noting that a new 40-inch, eight-color Heidelberg perfecting press was also installed as part of Solo Printing’s multi-million-dollar investment plan. "Having the capability to print full color on both sides in one pass allows the job to be produced in half the time — and at a substantially lower cost than conventional printers in the area. Solo Printing is the only commercial printer in Dade/Broward County to offer direct-to-plate with a 40-inch, eight-color perfecting press. The closest printer with these capabilities is 100 miles away." By extending its capabilities — and taking stock in its company’s future, as well as its country’s economy — Solo Printing is doing its part to overcome the economic downturn. "Months before the terrorist attacks, we saw the economy was in a decline," explains Andy Sanchez, a Solo vice president. "But, we determined that to be successful — no matter what the economy is like — a company has to be more cost-effective. We decided to achieve that goal by investing in new technology, which would provide more products and services for customers at the same time." During today’s tough economic times, when most companies are experiencing hardships, "Solo Printing is investing major money," says Meldgaard. "It blows me away that the owners are taking this stance. They believe in their company, the commercial printing industry, and the resiliency of the U.S. economy. And, they’re making a powerful statement by continuing with their pre-September 11 plans." Months after the fact — in the face of adversity and in spite of the downward spiraling economy — Meldgaard concludes, "Solo Printing is taking a decidedly different approach to dealing with economic disaster. George and Manny are investing big bucks in their corporation and taking stock in their country’s economy." Headquartered in Hanover Park, Ill., the Graphic Systems Division of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. offers a full array of high-quality products and services including: Saber, the world’s fastest platesetter in its class; Dart and the Javelin Series, cost-effective thermal platesetters; Sumo, the world’s fastest imagesetter; the Brillia line of thermal and visible light digital plates; FINALPROOF, a digital halftone dot contract proofing product; PictroProof, a dye-based digital color proofing system; and Quattro, the award-winning flatbed color scanner with ColourKit color management software. Fujifilm’s line of color electronics equipment includes a complete range of imagesetters, RIPs, flatbed scanners and computer-to-plate systems. In addition, Fujifilm has a full line-up of film products and aqueous-based conventional subtractive plates.