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Screen Introduces e-Learning Tool for Trueflow Users

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — Businesses that provide their clients with skills enhancement training demonstrate a deeper commitment to the success of the overall organization. As a means of providing convenient skills-advancement opportunities for graphic arts firms that utilize Screen’s Trueflow PDF workflow solution, Screen USA has initiated an e-learning resource. The newly developed interactive CD-ROM contains technical instruction on all aspects of Trueflow. This new service, an extension of the company’s existing training program, is available to current Trueflow users and future users alike. The training CD can serve as a teaching tool for brand-new employees. Likewise, it is invaluable as a reference and review tool for existing employees who have undergone training by Screen’s Trueflow-certified instructors but may desire a refresher course. “Screen’s commitment to delivering market-leading technology and training fast and effectively is instrumental in improving our customers’ experience and performance,” said A.J. Kakiuchi, president of Screen (USA). “Screen developed this innovative training tool to help companies ensure that their prepress staff have refined skills and are prepared to effectively operate Trueflow.” The training CD is designed to be as flexible as possible. The self-loading program runs on PCs as well as Macintosh platforms and can be accessed from the operators’ desktops or home computers. For both scheduling efficiency and operator convenience, the computers need not be connected to the Trueflow server. This permits operators to benefit from top-quality training at a convenient time and location. Information is presented in the same order as a typical Trueflow job. Users also have the option of selecting specific topics, out of order, from the handy index. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the entire sequence of steps without stopping. In addition to the easy-to-follow format, the training is structured to allow operators to explore topics in greater detail. For example, the user can stop the program at any place and repeat a step or refer to the corresponding step in the Trueflow operator’s manual. “With this new training method, Screen matches two of our major customer service objectives: improve client satisfaction by providing a user-friendly, easy-to-understand learning tool, and contribute even better to the productive operation of Trueflow by broadening the application of our training standards,” explained Kakiuchi.