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Xerox: New Workflow Features for DocuSP Announced at Xplor

Press release from the issuing company

Latest Software Features Remote Workflow and Job Forwarding; Native LCDS Printing on Entry-Level DocuPrint and DocuTech Machines ANAHEIM, Calif., Oct. 28, 2002 – The latest version of Xerox Corporation’s (NYSE: XRX) DocuSP — print management software that processes print files and drives a printer — brings powerful workflow features and functionality, including new data stream support and remote access, to both publishing and data center customers. Using DocuSP’s new Remote Workflow, print, accounting and IT managers can now monitor and manage Xerox equipment — from billing to supplies — from any location with their computer and an Intranet or Internet connection. The new version of DocuSP also provides LCDS data support on DocuPrint and DocuTech 75 / 90, a key requirement for transaction printing. DocuSP provides a universal workflow for 26 separate entry-level to high-end Xerox digital production printers. "Xerox DocuSP adds a new dimension of flexibility to the industry’s broadest array of production printers," said Ursula M. Burns, president, Xerox Document Systems and Solutions Group. "This latest release, DocuSP 3.6, requires customers to learn only one printer controller system interface, helping all printing facilities save time, lower costs and reduce training — whether they focus on publishing or transaction printing and print in black-and-white or color. Development costs are also lower with a platform that drives so many engines, because not only are the operators transferable from printer to printer, but so are the applications." DocuSP 3.6’s Remote Workflow feature uses a Java-based interface to provide a single-point control for multiple print engines, allowing managers to control or monitor all of their DocuSP 3.6 machines from any location using an Intranet or Internet connection. Using other DocuSP 3.6 features, print managers can also send a job from the printing queue of one printer to another, divide sets of a single job between printers, and easily balance jobs between 3.6-enabled printers using either the local DocuSP or the remote workflow. This capability provides many of the benefits of "cluster printing" without additional software costs. The other leading enhancements in version 3.6 include: - On DocuPrint and DocuTech 75 / 90 machines there are two new optional features available, IPDS support and native LCDS. Using these features, DocuSP can seamlessly switch between IPDS, LCDS, PCL, PostScript, PDF, ASCII and TIFF, without additional software or hardware to transform one data stream to another. The LCDS data stream is now offered on all Xerox DocuPrint products from entry level to high-end cut-sheet production. - New color capabilities include support for industry standards such as the Open Prepress Interface (OPI) for optimizing image file sizes, and the U.S. and European modes for emulating offset press output known as SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Printing) and FOGRA (a German research association for printing and reproduction technology), respectively. DocuSP 3.6 also enables matching of more than 80 percent of Pantone spot colors. - Print mangers have increased imposition control, can alter or override imposition from the controller, and define and control a wide range of imposition styles —saving steps in the work process. Xerox released its first version of DocuSP for color presses in April. Previously, differences in color and black-and-white printing technologies required separate controllers with different workflows, adding complexity and cost for printing shops that use both. The Xerox DocuSP controller overcomes that obstacle by providing a common workflow for both color and monochrome. DocuSP is an open system that processes industry-standard file formats and is designed to be compatible with other Xerox workflow components, including DigiPath and Xerox VIPP. Xerox DocuSP 3.6 is available today in North America and Europe, and pricing and upgrade status will vary based on current hardware configurations.