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Oce Enhances Multi-functional Printing Capabilities with 750 II MICR & 3275 II

Press release from the issuing company

Leading the Way With Solutions Built for the Future ANAHEIM, CA, OCTOBER 28, (Xplor booth # 632)—Oce, a leader in digital document management and delivery technology, today announced that it has expanded its offerings in the midrange market with new solutions including the Oce 750 II MICR cut sheet printing system and the multi-functional Oce 3275 II cut sheet printing system. Increasing pressure to do more with less and to accommodate the growing demand for convergent solutions that offer multiple functions in a single system are driving the need for all-in-one digital printing solutions that make the most of print operation’s resources and capital investments. Highlighting the company’s capabilities in supporting complex multi-vendor and convergent environments, Oce will showcase the Oce 750 II MICR and the Oce 3275 II at booth 632 at the Xplor 23rd Global Electronic Document Systems Conference and Exhibit, providing high quality, multi-functional capabilities at the point of need and support for both traditional and new applications. Affordable Printing and Finishing with the All-in-One Oce 750 II MICR printer The Oce 750 II midrange cut sheet printer is recognized for providing a total document solution that supports an extraordinary range of applications—from the back office and data center to production publishing in any processing environment. Built for exceptional performance and even more exceptional quality, the Oce 750 II is a robust, multi-protocol, midrange, cut sheet printer specifically designed to handle the larger print volumes generated in today’s converging print environments. Delivering superior quality output at a rate of up to 75 images per minute, the Oce 750 II supports monthly print volumes of up to one million impressions with built-in support for multiple page description languages and a standard resolution of 600 dpi. Ideal for converging environments, the Oce 750 II accommodates printing of both transactional documents and entry-level, print-on-demand applications. And now the Oce 750 II is available as a MICR device providing print operations with the flexibility to produce MICR-encoded checks and other negotiable documents. Delivering the lower costs, smaller footprint, and built-in finishing features today’s print operations need, the Oce 750 II MICR printer will be shown demonstrating several applications including a personalized utility statement with a remittance document, a W-2 statement application, and a three-up MICR check application. For Flexible Printing, Copying and Scanning—the Oce 3275 II. The flexible Oce 3275 II printing system provides the multi-functional power required to handle grueling duty cycles and heavy print loads in high-production environments. Built for the long haul, the Oce 3275 II document system is a 600 dpi printer/copier/scanner that produces up to 75 pages of output per minute and, exceeding all standards for high-volume printers and copiers, readily supports monthly duty cycles of 500,000 impressions. The Oce 3275 II features a new SRA controller that provides native support for AFP/IPDS and PCL data streams. Additional page description languages including PDF, TIFF, PostScript, LCDS (Metacode) are available with the Oce PRISMAproduction print servers. With heavy-duty paper drawers and a streamlined paper path, the Oce 3275 II makes short work of high-production workflow. Ideal for paper-intensive operations looking to minimize downtime and streamline productivity, the Oce 3275 II can handle tough, high-volume printing/copying/scanning and finishing requirements. For simpler requirements, the Oce 3275 II supports stapling, 3000 sheet offset stacking, and for more sophisticated requirements, an optional finisher-folder is ideal for booklet making. At Xplor, the Oce 3275 II will be showcased in a special demonstration printing a neighborhood homeowner’s association quarterly newsletter with a pre-printed highlight color cover—inserted, saddle-stitched, and folded.