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Series W from Gunther Equals Intelligent Mail Processing

Press release from the issuing company

October 21, 2002 -- With the Gunther Series W, processing divergent types of applications with the same system is not only possible … it’s practical! The Series W was designed to meet the ever-broadening scope of folded processing requirements, allowing you to be more creative and adaptive to your mailing needs. It does it quickly and reliably, processing up to 12,000 completed envelopes an hour while ensuring 100% processing accuracy. What makes the product different? Flexible Conveyor The adjustable conveyor (6.5"to 11" in width and up to 14" in length) can handle a full range of paper. The Series W allows adjustments for paper size, weight, orientation, etc., to be made easily, and reliably - even by a novice operator. Interchangeable Feeders Series W will allow insert feeders to be interchangeable at the operator level. Whether your inserts are best suited for a friction or vacuum feeder, changeover is simple and easy. In addition, a 'tilt' feature allows greater access to the conveyor area. Dynamic Folder Gunther’s patented folder will handle from one to fifteen sheets dynamically, without adjustment, providing further flexibility. Versatile Enveloper The Gunther’s enveloper can handle a variety of envelope sizes (monarch to bankers). The simplicity of its design eases the changeover between envelope sizes. Variable Barcode Placement The Series W’s transparent "read" plate allows for even greater flexibility in where the code can be placed on the document. No more strict guidelines to follow, Gunther’s new read plate allows you to place the code almost anywhere. For more information, visit www.guntherintl.com