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Quark Announces QuarkDMS Editorial Solution

Press release from the issuing company

BARCELONA, Spain (Ifra Expo) -- October 14, 2002 -- Quark Inc. today announced a new enterprise-class editorial solution for organizations like magazine publishers that produce design-driven publications. It provides publishers with a sophisticated system for storing, searching, re-purposing, and publishing content from a centralized information source that works with existing publishing infrastructure. Based on the highly scalable and modular Quark Digital Media System (QuarkDMS) platform, the QuarkDMS editorial solution comprises several modules and integration toolkits to drive efficiency enhancements and cost reductions at every organizational level. Workflow management QuarkDMS Workflow Engine lets publishers define and control how work flows from one user to another. It provides trouble-free management of assets and tasks throughout the production process. Quark Workflow Engine provides workflow modeling through graphical template design, template storage and installation, routing, notification, monitoring, process control, and task automation to enable consistent and controlled collaborative processes. Manual, semi-automated, and fully automated workflows can be used in any combination. User-specific client software Quark is also releasing new client software for QuarkDMS that is designed specifically for editorial and advertising production staff. QuarkDMS Editorial Client helps editorial staff coordinate and optimize content creation and production cycles. QuarkDMS Editorial Client also automates XML generation, so content can easily be re-used while accessing QuarkDMS through popular layout, graphics, and word processing applications. QuarkDMS Ad Production Client allows makeup staff to enter, modify, and manage print and online ads in a centralized, scalable, and adaptive system. Contract rights management The new QuarkDMS Contracts Administrator dramatically eases the management of rights associated with media. It lets organizations create, manage, and enforce contractual rights on media from the moment a contract is drafted through the publication, storage, and redistribution of content through various channels. With QuarkDMS Contracts Administrator, publishers can safely re-use assets across existing channels and take advantage of new business opportunities as they arise. Thin client access QuarkDMS takes advantage of innovative Web technologies to allow editorial staff to work from anywhere in the world. With the forthcoming QuarkDMS WebCopyDesk, editors, journalists, and other contributors can use standard Web browsers to submit, edit, and produce content. QuarkDMS WebCopyDesk is a Web-based editorial client designed for remote copy-fitting. QuarkXPress pages can be opened, edited, and copy-fit using a standard Web browser. It gives editorial staff unmatched freedom of access while reducing installation costs and maintenance overhead. Web site management QuarkDMS Web Site Manager adds functionality to QuarkDMS to support typical Web workflows. It provides a media repository for all stages of Web workflow, from content creation to testing and the final publication of content. QuarkDMS Web Site Manager provides easy access to all of an organization's digital content, stored in one central location. QuarkDMS Web Site Manager can import all of the content and files of an existing Web site into QuarkDMS, while retaining all file relationships, asset metadata, and site structure. The files are stored, versioned, and maintained within QuarkDMS, making it easy to find and re-purpose content from existing files. Integration with third party systems The QuarkDMS editorial solution features a new high-level programming interface that allows QuarkDMS to connect to other systems quickly and easily. QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework is an XML-based technology that can exchange data with third party systems such as publication and issue planning, commercial ad booking, and photo agencies. Quark is also developing certified standard SOAP-based interfaces to popular commercial advertising management and page planning systems. Industry-leading publishing software QuarkDMS works with the applications publishers know and use on a daily basis, and has an unparalleled integration with QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk Special Edition, a copy-fitting tool that delivers exact typographic consistency with QuarkXPress. QuarkDMS offers simple and fast re-purposing of valuable media assets by connecting to software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. Flexible storage options To support publishing businesses with large amounts of data or offices around the country and around the globe, the QuarkDMS editorial solution also includes two optional software modules. QuarkDMS Storage Agent lets distributed organizations benefit from both central content management and local storage. It gives remote offices faster access to the files they use, while making all assets available throughout the organization, anywhere around the world. For businesses whose storage needs are constantly growing but who have an ongoing need to access old data, QuarkDMS HSM Archive is server-side QuarkXTensions software that lets QuarkDMS administrators manage the movement of QuarkDMS assets to and from locations managed by Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) software. Availability The QuarkDMS editorial solution can be purchased directly from Quark. Customers in North America who are interested in QuarkDMS can e-mail: [email protected] In Europe, e-mail: [email protected]