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xpedx Proofing & Approval Management Service Powered by RealTimeProof

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO (GRAPH EXPO), October 6, 2002 ˆ RealTimeImage, Inc., and xpdex today announced the availability of a new xpedx-branded online proofing and approval management service powered by RealTimeProof technology. Available through www.xpedx.com beginning October 15, 2002, xpedx's online proofing ASP powered by RealTimeProof is designed for Graphic Arts professionals who require "real time" turnaround for proofing cycles. RealTimeProof-based solutions dramatically reduce the costs and time required for conventional proofing by enabling all workflow partners to collaborate securely, in real time, on original, full-resolution production images. The xpedx branded service will utilize RealTimeImage's unique image-streaming technology enabling gigabytes of high-resolution files to be viewed, even over dial-up connections, in seconds. The xpedx online proofing solution offers the benefits of an ASP with no upfront costs or special IT infrastructure and setup needed, so that even small production facilities can enjoy this powerful application in a very affordable fashion and with immediate ROI. In addition to the new solution, xpedx will also continue offering its customers the RealTimeProof client-server products, for those who prefer to have the application hosted locally. According to Dan Wish, General Manager of Digital Imaging at xpedx, "We are very excited to offer our customers an xpedx-branded online proofing and approval management solution powered by industry-leading RealTimeImage. RealTimeProof technology is, without question, an accepted and proven, key component of today's digital prepress and printing workflows. As such, we firmly believe that our customers will benefit from this value added service." "xpedx is a long-term partner of RealTimeImage and this latest development, which features an easy-to-use, cost-effective service, will allow a significant expansion of online proofing deployment by xpedx customers. We look forward to supporting the new xpedx-branded ASP solution as well as the existing RealTimeProof client-server solutions already offered by xpedx," says Yehuda Messinger, Executive Vice President, Graphic Arts, for RealTimeImage.