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QuarkDMS Gains New Editorial, Ad Clients

Press release from the issuing company

BARCELONA, Spain (Ifra Expo) -- October 14, 2002 -- Quark Inc. today introduced new editorial and advertising production client software applications for Quark Digital Media System (QuarkDMS). QuarkDMS Editorial Client automates the processes unique to editorial environments, including routing, notifications, and automatic XML representation of articles. QuarkDMS Ad Production Client facilitates the creation, management, proofing, and tracking of digital ads. "Today's editorial teams waste too much time wading through time-consuming processes like routing files and re-building content for various media," said Juergen Kurz, Quark's vice president of product management. "The new QuarkDMS clients offer all of the advantages of a robust content management system, combined with a feature set targeted at editorial and ad production workflows. They help publishers streamline their processes and focus on creating superior publications." QuarkDMS Editorial Client QuarkDMS Editorial Client includes workflow features that let users route assets to other people or groups and receive notifications that assets have been assigned. Each user has an "inbox" for new projects, so they can see what tasks they've been assigned at a glance. QuarkDMS Editorial Client includes status-based workflow, and supports more sophisticated workflows designed using QuarkDMS Workflow Engine. With QuarkDMS Editorial Client, users can define page elements that belong to an article, then track and manage those elements as a unit throughout the workflow, without sacrificing the flexibility to work on specific elements separately. When an article is checked in, QuarkDMS Editorial Client automatically converts the text to XML and references related photos. Mapping of QuarkXPress content to XML occurs automatically, with no extra steps by the user, making it easier to re-use content in other publications, on the Web, or in syndication. QuarkDMS Ad Production Client QuarkDMS Ad Production Client allows staff members to use ad booking data to create production tasks and associate media to each task. It automatically creates QuarkXPress documents in the appropriate size for each ad, thereby streamlining production and reducing errors. Ads are automatically exported in print and Web formats and submitted into page planning workflows. As part of the installation process, organizations define a publication structure and QuarkDMS Ad Production Client provides an ad run sheet to help users quickly find all the ads for a publication, zone, or edition. Using the QuarkDMS XTensions Developer Kit and the new QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework, QuarkDMS Ad Production Client can integrate with commercial ad booking, page planning, and pagination systems. Quark is developing certified interfaces to SoftWorks VerlagsManager, DataPlan JournalDesigner, and MVS Press. Integrated into publishing workflows The new client software for QuarkDMS integrates seamlessly with QuarkXPress, so users can create pages simply by dragging and dropping assets and multi-page articles into documents. QuarkDMS Editorial Client also works with QuarkCopyDesk SE, the stand-alone copyfitting application from Quark that lets writers and editors use a simple tool to achieve complete typographic consistency with QuarkXPress. The new QuarkDMS client software works "within" many popular publishing applications, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop, so users can check assets in and out, run queries, and conduct full text searches - all without leaving the original application. Availability The new QuarkDMS clients can be purchased directly from Quark. Customers in North America who are interested in QuarkDMS can e-mail: [email protected]. In Europe, e-mail: [email protected].