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Quark Adds SOAP Support to QuarkDMS

Press release from the issuing company

BARCELONA, Spain (Ifra Expo) -- October 14, 2002 -- Quark Inc. today announced the development of QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework, a new high-level programming interface that allows Quark Digital Media System (QuarkDMS) to be connected quickly and easily to applications such as Microsoft Excel and systems such as page planning and wire services. QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework lets QuarkDMS provide Web services. Third party systems can log on to QuarkDMS; perform queries; retrieve, check in, and check out assets; and set asset metadata. The QuarkDMS enterprise publishing platform has a highly scalable, modular architecture that can be extended by Quark and independent software developers. The new QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework complements the existing QuarkDMS XTensions Developer Kit (XDK) by providing an additional XML-based interface to QuarkDMS. XML-based information interchange QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework, based on industry standard SOAP technology, allows QuarkDMS to provide Web services or exchange data with other systems using XML. It communicates using HTTP, and information stored in QuarkDMS can be made available virtually everywhere without sacrificing the robust security of QuarkDMS. QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework is compatible with all SOAP-capable programming languages, including C, C++, Java, AppleScript, Microsoft VisualBasic, VBA, and PERL. QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework is extendable and scriptable using a built-in JavaScript engine. Regular communication between QuarkDMS and third party business or legacy systems within corporate environments can be automated using JavaScript and QuarkDMS action folders. Quark is developing certified standard SOAP-based interfaces to the popular SoftWorks VerlagsManager commercial advertising management system, and to the DataPlan JournalDesigner page planning system. QuarkDMS XTensions Developer Kit The robust QuarkDMS XDK lets developers add new functionality to the QuarkDMS clients or the server, or create new client applications that have their own user interfaces, yet have all the features as the other QuarkDMS clients. Developers can also create XTensions modules for the QuarkDMS server that use CORBA to connect with other databases, enabling communication between those databases and the QuarkDMS database. Quark is developing a certified standard interface to the MVS Press automatic pagination software. This module adds rapid classified and display ad pagination capabilities to QuarkDMS. Availability QuarkDMS SOAP Integration Framework can be purchased directly from Quark. Customers in North America who are interested in QuarkDMS can e-mail: [email protected] In Europe, e-mail: [email protected]