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Roland 700 adds new technology to increase the success rate

Press release from the issuing company

October 11, 2002 -- McCormick Place, Chicago — MAN Roland’s successful 41-inch press line — the Roland 700 — has been the beneficiary of a number of technological improvements that have been made since the North American graphic arts industry last met in Chicago - The press is now available in configurations up to twelve units. The Roland 700 is also now offered as an off-line single or double coating machine. - A new in-line sorter is now available for waste sheet ejection. The advancement saves printers time because it keeps waste sheets out of the delivery pile. That means the press can run continuously on long jobs because there's no need to stop to remove non-saleable sheets. This helps in terms of Quality Control as well: Printers and their clients can be sure that every sheet in every pile is printed perfectly and ready for finishing. - A new automatic non-stop delivery for the Roland 700 contributes to its long-run prowess. The press can continue to operate at up to 16,000 sheets per hour, without stopping, while printed product is removed. - The new in-line MAG-In‚ perforating system makes this finishing touch part of the Roland 700's workflow, saving time and money in the bindery. It can die cut substrates up to .012" (0.3mm) thick. - A new reel-to-sheet feeder with digital, infinite cut-off adjustment, allows printers to save time and money at the input end, and equips the 700 to handle lighter and less expensive stock. - The 700’s new ColorPilot ink control system uses colorimetrics to fine tune and quality control color. That's particular important on longer runs to make sure the last sheet is consistent with the first sheet. ColorPilot has been developed on the basis of the proven CCI (Computer Controlled Inking) technology. It reads color like the human eye sees it, taking its measurements from a control strip on the printed sheet. To save space, ColorPilot is integrated into the color-matching console from which it is operated. It can also be used in conjunction with JobPilot, the PECOM module for presetting the presses. Printers can access the R700 in configurations of from two to twelve units, with or without perfecting. The R700 features a double-size impression cylinder and touchless sheet transfer for print quality and application versatility. With twelve units and perfector, the R700 can print six colors on both sides in a single pass. It features fully automatic conversion from straight printing to perfecting. The Roland 700 is driven from the CIP3/4-compliant PECOM console. The system allows storage and retrieval of job information. With PrepressLink, it can transfer job parameters, such as ink zone presetting, directly from prepress files. MAN Roland’s latest InterTech innovations, JobPilot and PressMonitor, can also be incorporated into the 700’s PECOM system. JobPilot lets operators makeready the next job while the current project is printing. PressMonitor provides management with a real time window and permanent record of all press operating parameters — the better to evaluate crews, consumables, job characteristics and overall pressroom performance. Power plate loading (PPL) is standard and APL (automatic plate loading) is also available on the Roland 700. (80 percent of the presses MAN Roland produces are equipped with APL.) Also offered are automatic wash-up, sheet size and thickness changes, and straight-to-perfecting mode changeover in less than a minute. The R700 runs at up to16,000 sph in the straight printing mode and 12,000 sph when perfecting. Its AirGlide delivery promotes the high run rates through smoother sheet travel, improved sheet control, and more efficient sheet slowdown through the suction wheels. User benefits include savings in makeready time, in materials (including spray powder and paper), and in cleaning and maintenance time. Options include: - Single or double coating units. - Advanced chamber-type doctor blade coating system that can handle a wide variety of coatings. - Quick Change coating device, automatic cleaning device, and temperature control units. - Roland IR and IR/TL dryers for greater operating convenience and higher performance. - A continuous delivery for nonstop production. Specifications Number of printing units 2 - 12 Sheets per hour 16,000 (with HighTech package) 15,000 (as standard) 12,000 (in perfecting mode) Maximum sheet size 29.13 x 40.94 inches (740 x 1040 mm) Minimum sheet size 13.39 x 18.90 inches (340 x 480 mm) Maximum image area 28.15 x 40.16 inches (715 x 1020 mm) in option 28.74 x 40.55 inches (730 x 1030 mm) Perfecting 27.56 x 40.16 inches (700 x 1020 mm)