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Printcafe Introduces Press Connector, JDF-Based Press Room Module

Press release from the issuing company

Printcafe Solution Enables Integration With Third-Party Production Equipment To Help Printers Be More Efficient And Reduce Costs GRAPH EXPO, Chicago, IL (October 8th, 2002) – Printcafe Software, Inc. [NASDAQ: PCAF], the operating system for print, announced today the first public showing of Printcafe Press Connector, version 1.0 at Graph Expo, Chicago. Press Connector is a new Job Definition Format (JDF) based integration module which links Printcafe print management systems with third party production equipment. As part of its computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) initiative, Printcafe is collaborating with Komori and MAN Roland to integrate their solutions and to help printers reduce their costs by being more efficient manufacturers. Press Connector, is being demonstrated at Graph Expo this week connected to the MAN Roland PECOM system and Komori K-Station. Press Connector will link directly to these press consoles and on-board production management systems, providing a real time two-way flow of information and sharing critical data including press and make-ready times and good/bad counts with little or no operator intervention. As a result the printer will be able to more accurately configure the press and reduce waste due to overruns and under-runs. "The creation of the Press Connector product is a very important strategic development for Printcafe," said Marc Olin, Printcafe CEO, "as we're joining forces with MAN Roland and Komori to deliver real solutions, which leverage the CIP4/JDF standard and benefit our customers. No single supplier to the industry can truly deliver such a solution while combining the best available technology and a truly integrated process." Printers that do not have new generation computerized production equipment can still benefit from computer integrated manufacturing processes with Printcafe’s Auto-Count direct machine interface (DMI). Legacy presses and finishing equipment can be retrofit with Auto-Count to capture costs, performance, downtime and other events directly from the production equipment, eliminating manual processes and providing accurate real-time production data. "The complexity of print manufacturing has delayed the development of open data communication standards necessary for integrating the management and production processes within the printing industry," continued Olin. "But now, through the combined efforts of Printcafe and our partners we're fulfilling our vision of providing tools to our customers, which will enable them to manufacture more efficiently, reduce waste and cut costs. The smart factory and all of the benefits it brings can be a reality, today."