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PrintJob Presents the Route to More Sales and Less Stress

Press release from the issuing company

LONDON -- September 30, 2002 (PrintJob) -- PrintJob Ltd, has emerged from the wings with a solution for users wondering what to do next. PrintJob highlights low acquisition and low running costs as key points in their favor. PrintJob’s first full market release, Version 1.4, delivers arguably the simplest to use and least expensive product in this marketplace. System growth is road-mapped for the next six months, with updates being released every six to eight weeks – but if you need a special feature then the company will develop it for you. A unique point that operates in PrintJob’s favor is the choice they give. Maintaining a "give-‘em-what-they-want approach" PrintJob is available either as a web-based utility or on CD for self-hosting (a unique offering in this market). Three years ago the company founders came across an existing print purchasing utility. They were surprised that printers would pay so much for such a cumbersome and expensive product. Seeing a market for their vision they set out to develop an alternative. With access to substantial private funds, combined with a market focus and a long-term view, they were determined to defy the general trend and have a solution that was "99%+ ready & 99%+ fit" before they announced themselves to the market. Focusing on a responsive and reliable service, PrintJob provides off the shelf and tailored services on a worldwide basis – without breaking the bank. There are a number of PrintJob service packages available; all are aimed at improving the end user experience and promoting printer revenues. "We aim to become the sector benchmark within twelve months," said Jonathan Huntley, PrintJob’s Business Manager. "In case you’re wondering, that’s the top performance, best value, benchmark," he added. Earlier this year, after perfecting the process with five UK printers, PrintJob trained a printer in Australia to establish the validity of their remote training facility. "On average, it takes just over half a day to train a group of three on how to use to use the system," Said Max Kulow, co-founder and CEO. "We then continue to give remote support on an ‘as needed’ basis. We make our money by supplying bulletproof easy-to-use systems with no transaction charges. Like our tuition approach, we see Support as something that we give rather than something you should demand. Some similar systems take a long time to learn and a lot of support time – ours is simple, fast and aimed at making money for our clients" Further details are available from: www.printjob.com