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Prolatus to Introduce New Prepress Workflow Software at Graph Expo

Press release from the issuing company

Prolatus Transport “small packet” technology moves files faster Prolatus MarkUp software makes collaborative remote proofing a reality Minneapolis, September 20, 2002 PROLATUS, INC. Prolatus Inc. (www.prolatus.com) announced today that it will introduce at Graph Expo 2002 a new software product that will dramatically improve the pre-production process. Prolatus TransportTM 4.6 is a desktop and server-based software solution that leverages the established Catalyst Technology suite of products from Prolatus to address the market’s need to improve the cost-effectiveness of electronically transferring large graphic files and entire jobs between remote users. Prolatus will also unveil the latest version of MarkUp, the award-winning remote proofing system that greatly improves the quality and speed of the proofing process at the pre-media stage of production. In addition, Prolatus will be demonstrating its entire line of pre-media production tools, which includes the Catalyst Technology suite of products, WebConnect and other tools that enhance existing asset management and workflow solutions. The company will showcase its products at Graph Expo, October 6 – 9 in Chicago in Booth #4820. Prolatus Transport 4.6 “Small Packet” Technology Reduces Files up to 20:1 while maintaining file integrity-Bandwidth and file storage needs dramatically reduced Transport 4.6 is based on the “small packet” technology that was developed as part of the Prolatus Catalyst Technology suite, the powerful production tools designed to move large graphic files while creating a disciplined, remote collaborative workflow. Transport 4.6 specifically addresses the need to improve the production workflow with a solution that allows large files from a wide variety of file formats to be moved with greater speed and efficiency in smaller packets. Specifically, Transport’s technology allows file sizes to be reduced by a ratio that is up to 20:1, allowing a 60 MB file to be submitted – and even archived – as a 3 MB file. This means that files that took an hour to send can be moved in as little as five minutes and those same files can now be transferred using much less bandwidth. It also means that file storage capacity is greatly improved since files can be accessed in their original size but stored as smaller packets. Easy-to-use job submission tools – software is custom branded to extend marketing presence to the client’s desktop Transport 4.6 is user-friendly with a simple drag-and-drop process. The software is easier and more error-proof than standalone FTP file submission methods, and it allows the user to move much larger files than would be possible via email. In response to client input, Prolatus has also incorporated into Transport 4.6 a number of features that add more accountability to the workflow process. For example, the software allows users to customize job ticketing and log files, and even creates e-mail notifications of successful delivery and receipt. Transport 4.6 is available as a licensed software product for file sending and receiving. The software also includes a custom branding feature for those that share files with external clients. As an example, a printer can give an unlimited number of clients a branded, “send-only” version of the software free-of-charge, which is displayed as an icon on the client’s desktop. Every time a file is sent to the printer, that icon with the printer’s name and logo is opened, and files are moved simply in a drag-and-drop process that eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone FTP transfers. The software can be further personalized to include standard job information from the client to reduce the amount of data entry needed to move any job. “As a client-driven company we are excited about the release of Transport 4.6 as we have now provided a simple, uniform solution for file transfer and job submission,” commented Tom Stallings, Director of Marketing for Prolatus. “The combined benefits of a custom-branded application, our small packet technology, and the ability for clients to utilize their existing technology investments, like FTP sites and dedicated T1 lines, are driving an overwhelming interest in this product release.” Prolatus Mark-Up Prolatus is unveiling MarkUp 2.1, the latest version of its award-winning remote proofing system, at Graph Expo. In MarkUp, Prolatus has created a proofing solution that integrates the best of traditional proofing methods with the speed and efficiency of soft proofing. MarkUp software uses Prolatus’ proprietary “small packet technology” to allow printers, pre-press companies and others to transfer post-RIP files to a remote digital output device at a client’s site. The client then places this hard proof on the MarkUp tablet that is connected to their computer desktop. Using the Prolatus electronic pen, the user writes comments on the hard proof, these comments are then electronically recorded by the MarkUp software. The comments are then sent electronically back to the printer or pre-press facility. Another option allows users to output the comments to a PDF file for additional annotation, or to be loaded into any existing “on-line” soft proofing system. This eliminates the cost and time associated with using a courier to deliver marked-up proofs back to the production location. This remote proofing solution can save days in a production process, depending on the distance between the customer and the production facility. It provides a solution for color critical jobs that in the past slowed down once they hit the proofing process. Furthermore, an electronic record is kept of every change made throughout the production process. About PROLATUS Prolatus is the architect of pre-media production and collaboration tools and solutions. Matching client input with our extensive industry knowledge allows Prolatus to deliver the building blocks necessary to meet the challenges of our changing industry. At its core, our award-winning Catalyst Technology software suite addresses the financial and operational goals of our clients. PROLATUS’ newest products MARKUP and WEBCONNECT extend production capabilities, including colour correction and conversion, image retouching/editing, proofing and colour mark-up, all between geographically separate locations. For more information contact: PROLATUS, 4000 Olson Memorial Hwy., Suite 220, Minneapolis, MN 55422. Telephone: 1-800-301-5751 or 1-763-302-8030 fax: +1-763-302-8040; Email: [email protected] URL: www.prolatus.com and at Graph Expo in Chicago, October 6 – 9 in booth #4820.