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Retrieve on-line Articles from 50 Magazines via GraphicBrain.com

Press release from the issuing company

Turnhout (Belgium), August 26, 2002. GraphicBrain.com, the industry search engine, keeps improving it service. Over the last months many new information sources have been added, including many magazines. At this moment the on-line articles of 50 trade magazines in the industry can be retrieved via GraphicBrain.com’s specialized search engine. "We see more and more magazines placing their content on-line. This is of course a nice evolution for people who want to retrieve articles. But the major search engines only visit these sites from time to time, which makes a lot of content unavailable for querying. The alternative used to be to go to each and every site and launch the same query over and over again, which is not really efficient.", says Eddy Hagen, manager GraphicBrain.com. Search only for magazine articles So GraphicBrain.com started indexing on-line magazines, in addition to vendor sites with product information. At the start it was only a few, but now the number of magazines has grown to 50, covering the complete graphic arts, printing and publishing industry, including package printing. Because GraphicBrain.com divides all the information in different ‘information types’, users can really focus their search to one specific kind of information, e.g. magazine articles. Which makes searching much more efficient than we are used to. "And if you use our unique Search ‘n Sort!-feature, you will first get a list of magazines in which articles on a certain subject have been published. So we make it very easy to pick the magazine you consider the most relevant.", adds Hagen. In the result list the name of the magazine is listed next to every entry, usually including the date it was published. Win-win situation for all This new service is a win-win for all: people now can search specifically for magazine articles on a certain topic. And magazines will see more people finding the way to the public information on their website. At this moment already 55 000 articles have been indexed. In most cases not only recent articles of magazines are retrievable, but also the archived content. All users can query the magazine articles and will see the results list, with extensive summaries. Registered users will be directed to the right document on the publisher’s website immediately, non-registered users will find a link to the homepage of the magazine. "We’ve developed GraphicBrain.com as an internal tool for VIGC, to be able to access the right information much faster. We are professional information seekers and we were absolutely not satisfied with the existing tools, among which the greatest and most powerful search engines.", explains Hagen. "Therefore we’ve build our own tool and we continue to improve it. Everybody can benefit from our developments." The GraphicBrain.com search engine focuses on the products and technology used in the graphic arts, printing and publishing industry. It doesn’t feature printers, service providers or resellers. The information in GraphicBrain.com comes from vendor websites, magazines, discussion groups, research departments of universities, standard organisations, … A large part of the service is for free, for some part of the information and for the intelligence agents and e-mail alert service GraphicBrain.com charges a minor yearly fee of 25 Euro. In total nearly 3 million documents have been indexed and are retrievable via the GraphicBrain.com search engine.