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SWOP Unveils Proofing Paper Transition Plan

Press release from the issuing company

Recommends Use of Textweb while Remaining Stores Last MARBLEHEAD, MA – August 22, 2002 – Earlier this month, the Board of Directors of SWOP, Inc. announced their approval of 60# Monterrey Gloss, manufactured by the Tembec Paper Company, as an acceptable proofing stock. (Press release dated August 5, 2002 is available on SWOP website: www.swop.org.) In a follow-up announcement, SWOP made public today an orderly Proofing Paper Transition Plan designed to help advertising agencies, publishers, prepress providers and printers through the interim period. This plan is based on plentiful inventories of Textweb Proofing Paper, the SWOP-designated proofing paper for the last several years. Joel Rubin, SWOP Chairman outlined details of the Transition Plan: - SWOP will continue to recommend and support the use of Textweb Proofing Paper while inventories last. - During the interim, business and technical preparations will be made to ensure that Monterrey Gloss (60#) will serve as a reliable replacement once it is needed. - SWOP will work with Heller & Usdan, Moonachie, NJ (Tele: 201-933-8100), sole converter of Textweb for the last 15 years, to provide a continuous source of paper that will satisfy a wide range of SWOP applications. The paper will be available directly or through local distributors as in the past. - SWOP and Heller & Usdan will publish updates on the SWOP website regarding paper testing results, paper availability, etc. - SWOP will respond to questions regarding proofing paper issues through their Technical Committee (Email: [email protected]). A new "FAQ’s About SWOP" will be published on the SWOP website with answers to frequently asked questions. - SWOP will pursue educational opportunities through its endorsing organizations and industry forums to present findings on proofing paper usage and the evolving SWOP Specifications. Customer service representative of Heller & Usdan, Maria Buffa commented, "We respect SWOP’s track record in the printing industry and welcome the opportunity to continue working with them. Through negotiation with the now defunct Deferiet Paper Company, we were able to attain a generous supply of Textweb Proofing Paper that should last well into 2003. We will support our customers by extending the use of Textweb and will make every effort to actively promote the availability of this competitively priced proofing paper." Rubin summarized, "SWOP will not waiver in our commitment to support the publication printing industry through this transition. For over 25 years, our mission has always been to provide the uniform specifications and tolerances to ensure consistency and quality of material in publications. Our enduring objective is to publish the necessary information that will empower Agencies and Publishers to make informed proofing decisions and continue to raise the level of print production quality." For more information about SWOP paper stock criteria, refer to the 9th Edition SWOP Specifications, "SWOP for the New Millennium" (pages 20 and 41). About SWOP Specifications for Web Offset Publications (SWOP) was initiated in 1975 as a response to the printing industry’s need for uniform specifications and tolerances to ensure consistency and quality of material in publications. Over the past 27 years, SWOP has become a major factor in the publication printing industry. The resulting recommended specifications are the concern of all those involved in the production of publications – including the advertiser, publisher, printer, advertising agency, and prepress service provider. For updates on the distribution and availability of SWOP designated proofing papers, please check the SWOP website at www.SWOP.org. To purchase "SWOP for the New Millennium: Ninth Edition" booklets and digital calibration kits, visit the SWOP website at www.swop.org/products