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Pre-Press Specialist Accu-color Saves Thousands With MassTransit

Press release from the issuing company

Replaces WAM!NET With Easy-To-Use, Robust Software Solution Arlington, VA - August 20, 2002 - Group Logic, developer of best-selling network workflow software products, announced Accu-color, Inc. has successfully implemented MassTransit, saving thousands of dollars in file transfer costs. Accu-color, a division of Mail-Well, one of the largest and most diversified printers in North America, had used WAM!NET's proprietary network to support the transfer of digital proofs and pre-press files with its customers. MassTransit is software that acts as a "digital shipping and receiving department," completely automating and managing the process of transferring graphics, multi-media, and other production files between print media suppliers and their customers. According to Bill Elder, systems administrator at Accu-color, increased monthly charges for WAM!NET's service meant budget trouble. "WAM!NET was going up to $1,500 a month. They kept on increasing their costs, and that increased our costs - and we had to find an alternative," recalls Elder. By licensing Group Logic's MassTransit software, "I achieved a return on my investment in about four months, so I'm really happy," said Elder. Accu-color staff had also considered developing their own FTP client to support transfers of customer files, but found the effort presented significant challenges. Elder remembers that with the unpredictability of different customer's environments, "We could get it working perfectly in the shop because we had a controlled environment, but the first time we sent it out, it fell on its face." On learning of MassTransit's capabilities, Elder began to ask, "Why reinvent the wheel?" When he began the switch, Elder was concerned that his customers would resist the change from an established, stable solution. He remembers, "I made it a six month project to migrate our customer base to MassTransit, and I got done early - probably three months ahead of time." The transition proceeded much more smoothly than Elder had expected, "I found when I started installing the MassTransit client, the customers were very open to it - they liked the ease of use, they liked the control - they liked it a lot." MassTransit has proven popular with Accu-color staff as well, since the system has helped improve productivity. When files arrive from customers, Accu-color customer service representatives are notified by e-mail, and information about the job is automatically extracted and placed into an automated job ticket for tracking. In addition to direct cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved productivity, Elder believes MassTransit helps him get the most out of his IT and network infrastructure. "The way we looked at it," he says, "we already had Internet access and we already had a T1, but we weren't fully utilizing that infrastructure." He adds, "It was a natural to migrate away from WAM!NET, since we weren't fully utilizing that infrastructure either. I migrate them together and now I'm fully utilizing an infrastructure that I was already paying for - It's a natural, a no-brainer."