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Package Printers & Trade Shops Benefit from Brisque Pack Workflow from Creo

Press release from the issuing company

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA -- August 13, 2002 -- Creo Inc. reports that trade shops, printers and converters around the world arre embracing Brisque(tm) Pack packaging workflow, the affordable, easy-to-use solution that streamlines the step-and-repeat process, and drives offset or flexographic computer-to-plate devices. In worldwide production since early this year, Brisque Pack workflow is ideal for printers already familiar with the automation, color handling and trapping tools of the Brisque(tm) workflow family. This workflow solution is suitable for packaging trade shops and converters of any size, as well as commercial printers who want to add packaging functionality to their facilities. User Says Flexible and Productive... At David Graphics in Sydney, Australia, technical development manager Michael Ditchett likes the flexibility of accepting output files from several popular workstations. "With Brisque Pack, an operator can use dedicated package-design workstations or less expensive Macintosh(r) workstations, which economically makes more sense than being limited to one type of workstation." Productivity has improved at David Graphics by 10 times because the powerful workflow processes files with ease. "We timed jobs, comparing the old way and new way," explains Mr. Ditchett. "What used to take 30 minutes to one hour to RIP, now takes two to three minutes." David Graphics uses a variety of workstations including six Brisque workstations. "Brisque Pack offers flexibility to use the workflow the way it's needed. It also drives our ThermoFlex(r) platesetter and Iris4PRINT(tm) proofer," says Mr. Ditchett. Another benefit David Graphics enjoys is reduced storage requirements. "We store templates and single units instead of high-resolution layouts," he says. Step-and-Repeat Choices... Brisque Pack workflow offers the choice of low resolution stepping (LRS) or the Packaging Control File (PCF) format, which is compatible with StepOne(tm) and other step-and-repeat applications. In Antwerp, Belgium, packaging printer Drukkerij VTK chose Brisque Pack workflow because of its compatibility with StepOne. After a demonstration, Drukkerij VTK was motivated to convert its step-and-repeat applications to a digital solution to save time and money. "Brisque Pack workflow makes our production at least 50 percent faster, depending on the number of repeats," explains production manager Honor/ Vermeulen. "The ease of use of the Brisque interface resulted in an almost error-free move." Enhanced Quality... The computer-to-plate (CTP) conversion has also improved print quality and registration on press for Drukkerij VTK. "We replaced the traditional solution because Brisque Pack helped us to improve quality and productivity," explains Mr. Vermeulen. "We needed the best possible CTP and workflow solution at the best price." How Drukkerij VTK is achieving these new levels of print quality and registration on press isn't actively promoted to customers. "Our customers expect quality at the right price, with the right service and delivery times. Brisque Pack helps us deliver on those expectations," says Mr. Vermeulen. "However, several customers have requested an audit before going into partnership with us and then of course they see the advantages of working with us -- knowing that we work with the most advanced technologies." California User Says Easy to Use, Saves Time... In Irwindale, California, the benefits of Brisque Pack workflow are simple. "It just works," says Scott Gilbert, prepress manager of Montage Press . By using Brisque Pack workflow, Montage Press is saving valuable processing and correction time, as well as network capacity. Video and audiocassette boxes comprise the majority of the company's packaging work. Brisque Pack automates time-consuming manual steps, which frees up the network from processing large packaging files. "It cuts down on correction time too," says Mr. Gilbert, "since now we don't have to re-RIP 40-inch QuarkXPress(tm) files. If there is a problem on one package, we just re-RIP that package. Brisque Pack picks up the correct file on the fly." Packaging Efficiency... With its RIP Once, Output Many workflow, Brisque Pack workflow is efficient and flexible and combines the reliability of the CT/LW file format with the stability of the world's largest installed base of workflow systems. "The latest version of the Brisque workflow -- Version 4 -- offers our packaging customers several options that were specifically designed to make them more productive annd profitable," says Bob Kutschke, director of Creo packaging workflow. "These Brisque Pack features deliver efficient step-and-repeat workflows within a traditional Brisque environment. By building on the platform, Creo has enabled existing and new Brisque customers to extend the success and robustness of the Brisque workflow to packaging work." Brisque Pack workflow users can also implement Networked Graphic Production, the Creo initiative that streamlines production from concept through converting. Using the Synapse(r) InSite Internet portal, a powerful software tool, Brisque Pack workflow users employ the Internet to submit packaging jobs, collaborate online, and proof remotely. For packaging printers with multiple stakeholders such as clients and legal departments, this tool shortens the proofing cycle and reduces the cost of multiple hard proofs.