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Telecommunications Represents Growth Opportunities for Print Firms

Press release from the issuing company

(Norwell, MA) August 14, 2002... In a recently published white paper from CAP Ventures, analysts identify key growth opportunities for print-on-demand and document outsourcing services within the telecommunications industry. The complete findings of the study are available in the CAP Ventures white paper entitled “Telecommunications: The Document Outsourcing and Print-On-Demand Opportunity.” The telecoms industry is composed of approximately 8,000 firms operating over 30,000 establishments. In 2000, the sector generated over $354 billion in revenue and comprised approximately 2.5% of U.S. economic activity. Despite the recent “bad press” for the telecoms industry, the future remains bright and demand for most of its services is rising, and should continue to rise over a reasonable forecast period. The telecommunications industry is already a substantial user of on-demand printing, mostly in the form of statement printing. The industry on a whole sends and estimated 140 million bills to households each month and approximately 6.5 million monthly bills to businesses, non-profit agencies, and government entities. In total, these bills produce 5.4 billion pages per year. Other key applications include direct mail and telephone directories. In terms of print-on-demand applications, there are few new opportunities in this industry. The industry has been in the forefront of using digital processes in its statement printing, leaving little additional opportunity for shifts from legacy systems. Nevertheless, this industry offers new opportunities in two areas: outsourcing and smaller companies. The telecoms industry is a believer, if not a proselytizer, in shifting its statement printing to outsourcing companies. Although some of the largest companies have already made the shift, many have not, making outsourced data printing a viable market strategy. Opportunities also exist in the small telephone companies (10,000 – 100,000 customers). Many of these service providers are using out-of-date equipment and processes such as impact line printers, and are therefore ripe for conversion to medium-speed laser printers with duplexing and enhanced variable imaging capabilities. CAP Ventures’ white paper presents a detailed overview of the telecommunications industry, identifies the segments and key opportunities for print-on-demand services, and offers strategies for selling print-on-demand services to the industry. The complete white paper is available immediately to clients of CAP Ventures’ Production Workflow Solutions and On Demand Printing & Publishing Consulting Services. To learn more about the white paper or to make a purchase, please contact Allison Hadley at (781) 871-9000, ext. 208 or [email protected]