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GraphicBrain.com Launches New e-mail Alerting System

Press release from the issuing company

GraphicBrain.com, the industry search engine, has launched an improved e-mail alerting system for its registered users. Now every user can configure the frequency of his personal alerts, containing an overview of his intelligence agents. Also some fine-tuning was done to provide better results. "GraphicBrain.com is more than just a search engine. We also offer a personal assistant to our registered users. This assistant consists of intelligence agents and an e-mail alerting service linked to it.", says Eddy Hagen, manager GraphicBrain.com. "So our users don’t have to re-enter a query over and over again. They can save a query as an agent. Via these agents and the e-mail alerting, they will get an overview of new documents in their mailbox, on a regular basis. But the old alerting system didn’t really satisfy our needs, so we’ve developed and implemented a new one." The new e-mail alerting system lets users choose the frequency of the alerts. This used to be once a week as a default for everybody. Now registered users at GraphicBrain.com can choose for a weekly, biweekly or even a daily overview. Also the format of the mail alerts has changed, also providing e-mails in html-format. Next to the new alerting system, GraphicBrain.com has also been working on the fine-tuning of the robots that gather the information from websites. "Many sites play tricks on our – and other – robots. This makes old documents appear as new ones. Recently we have done some fine-tuning to reduce this problem. It still isn’t perfect, but it’s getting better.", explains Hagen. GraphicBrain.com is the only Internet search engine offering the possibility to limit the search to documents of a certain maximum age. The e-mail alerting system is only available to registered users. A large part of the GraphicBrain.com search engine is for free: everybody can query and retrieve product information from nearly 3 500 websites. To access the rest of the information and to have the personal assistant at their disposal, GraphicBrain.com charges a small fee: 25 Euro per year, per user (approximately 25 US $ at this moment), a small investment with a high return. GraphicBrain.com can be found at this location: http://www.graphicbrain.com.