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StreamServe Establishes Center of Excellence for Production Printing

Press release from the issuing company

Large Enterprises to Benefit From Advanced Multi-Channel Business Communications LEXINGTON, Mass., Aug. 7 -- StreamServe, a pioneer in the emerging market of Enterprise Business Communications, today announced that it is establishing a new center of excellence for production printing within its European Operations. The center, located in Prague, Czech Republic, will focus on the development of the industry's leading architecture for incorporating high-volume production printing into the evolving multi-channel business communications needs of enterprises. Many of the world's largest companies use production printing to deliver invoices, account statements or marketing documents. The Center will provide the skills, technology and consultancy to help global enterprises leverage the full value of the production printing process, while transitioning to meet customer demand for new formats such as electronic billing. Dennis Ladd, chief technology officer for StreamServe, commented: "The type of demand we're seeing is well illustrated by the big telcos, utilities and financial services companies. These companies have invested huge sums of money in production printing facilities that support billing and communications requirements at the heart of the enterprise. Now they are converging these operations with ERP and output management systems, as well as their accounting systems to meet demand for personalized electronic communication. Our work at the Competency Center allows organizations to re-architect their systems to cope with these multi-channel communications. It's a key requirement for our customers, and an important addition to StreamServe's strategy to deliver a unified business communications platform for enterprises." StreamServe will work in conjunction with the major print services providers to integrate the benefits of StreamServe's technology into their own print offerings. Demand is expected to come from enterprise customers with legacy applications that have been replaced by a new ERP system which does not support their production printing requirements, as well as from companies that have existing production printing operations that do not support alternate communication channels, such as email, EDI, XML or HTML. Nick Earle, chief executive officer of StreamServe, commented: "We have seen that within large enterprises, production printing is increasingly converging with output management and ERP systems. To support this, enterprises are now looking for a single solution that can generate high volume, document orientated output while also handling output from ERP business applications. By integrating the increased skills base and technology capabilities from the Production Printing Competency Center with our Business Communication Platform we are able to support enterprise business communication needs in both print and electronic format. Production printing is a huge investment for any company, but it is rapidly converging into just one aspect of critical business communication."