Managing Editor Releases Roundhouse 2.7 for Windows

Press release from the issuing company

Jenkintown, PA (March 25, 2002) -- Managing Editor Inc. (MEI), a Philadelphia-based software development and integration company, announces the release of Roundhouse 2.7 for Windows. This version of its flagship ad tracking system incorporates the product's most recent innovations with Windows compatibility, offering PC-based publishers an enterprise-wide advertising workflow system with benefits for ad builders, manufacturing managers, sales reps, customers, and editorial paginators. Roundhouse features system connectivity with MEI's Page Director Ad Layout System (ALS) for dynamic deadline management between ad production and pagination, web-based ad proofing for sales reps and customers, page status monitoring and approval for newsroom page editors, and advanced revenue-tracking capabilities for P&L analysis by ad, issue or user. Roundhouse is a modular system that combines a powerful database engine with off-the-shelf production software to monitor and manage all components of advertising production, improving efficiency, shortening production deadlines, and enhancing customer service. In 2000, MEI received the Computerworld Smithsonian Laureate award for Roundhouse, which is now part of the Smithsonian's Permanent Research Collection. MEI will demonstrate Roundhouse 2.7 for Windows during America East, in Hershey, PA March 25-28, at booth #74. Roundhouse was designed with ad builders in mind, offering a simple interface for managing ads through the production workflow. It provides advanced parts management features such as drag-and-drop ad pickups, system-wide searches for ad elements, and libraries to manage generic and customer-specific artwork. Advanced P&L reporting capabilities generate in-depth profit and loss statements by ad, issue, and user. This is particularly beneficial for analyzing the profitability of special sections, or for determining your most profitable customers. With integrated ALS connectivity, Roundhouse and ALS share vital information, enabling the dynamic updating of ads, statuses, and page information. ALS users can query the Roundhouse database for issue preferences, ad manifests, and specific remnant requests to fill available ad space. In return, ALS can communicate on-page and status information to Roundhouse, so that designers and paginators can schedule their workflows around real-time deadlines. PageView offers a browser-based component that lets users pull up an ALS issue and review the status of ads and editorial on a page-by-page basis. Availability Roundhouse 2.7 for Windows is available now. Contact your MEI sales representative at 800-638-1214. Additional information can also be obtained on MEI's web site at http://www.maned.com/products/roundhouse/roundhouse.html.