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Contex Introduces New FireWire Enabled, Chroma Tx Color Scanner

Press release from the issuing company

Contex Scanning Technology, the leading manufacturer of wide format Color, Black & White scanners and related software products has introduced a new high performance 40" color scanner. Given the name "Chroma Tx" for its high quality and fast color speed capabilities, the Chroma Tx incorporates the latest state of the art imaging technology. The new Chroma Tx represents a new breakthrough in Scanning Technology from Contex and implements several of Contex's newest patents, including: variable line resolution and adaptive error diffusion, making it one of the most technologically versatile and advanced color scanners on the market. The Chroma Tx is an ideal tool for sign companies, pre-press shops, photo labs, copy shops, point-of-purchase and exhibit/display providers. The Chroma Tx raises the standards in large document scanning by offering superior features such as, full 42 bit digital color capturing with "lightning" speed-rated at 8"/sec in Black/White and 3"/sec in Color. The Chroma Tx is one of the first Large Format Scanners to utilize a combination FireWire IEEE1394a and SCSI interface. The Chroma Tx is a 3 camera scanner using a new generation of low noise, four-linear 7500 pixel CCD's offering an optical scanning resolution of 508 dpi. "What this means is that we blend the best of both worlds. Instead of mixing the Red, Green and Blue channel to get Black/White data, we now have a separate linear sensor for the Black/White channel thus giving correct panchromatic Black/White data at a record setting speed of 8"/sec. Additionally, the new CCD's allow for 14-bit graytone, 42-bit color data capture and an optical resolution in excess of 500 dpi. We also deliver the highest data fidelity in the industry" states Jorgen Rasmussen, Development director for Contex. The Chroma Tx also has a user-selected option for scanning in the traditional NTSC color space or the new industry standard sRGB color space. The Chroma Tx comes in two flavors, a base version starting at $22,900. and a plus version, for $24,900. The base version can be upgraded to the plus version through a SmartCard. "What's really exciting about the new Chroma Tx is the total automation of the scanner maintenance system. The Chroma Tx utilizes Contex's unique 3-C Scanner Maintenance System, a utility program that performs automatic alignment, stitching, basic and advanced color calibrations, utilizing a single calibration sheet. Total maintenance can be performed within 5 minutes, without the need for user intervention. The automated process, which was introduced for Contex scanners in 2001, utilizes motorized cameras to ensure perfect alignment and stitching. It's now a fully automated process" states Dan Bennett, Technical Support Manager for Contex. In order to meet industry requirements in the "print for pay" industry, the new Chroma Tx can scan up to 0.6" thick documents using Contex's new All-Wheel Drive precision rollers with contour adjustment. "Precision tracking of thick documents has become increasingly important for our customers. Our new All-Wheel Drive system not only avoids slippage, but also maintains precision accuracy," states Henrik Vestermark, Sales & Marketing Director for North & South America. Another breakthrough for the scanner industry is Contex's built-in Advanced Power Management System that ensures an optimal working temperature and significantly reduces CCD noise. The Advanced Power Management System allows users to leave the scanner in low-power mode and program it to power up automatically before they arrive at work, saving money and adding convenience. The Chroma Tx is supported on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.