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6 Degree from Creo to be Shown at CeBIT

Press release from the issuing company

CeBIT HANNOVER, GERMANY -- March 13, 2002 -- Creo Inc. is at CeBIT, the world's leading information technology show, from March 13-20, demonstrating Six Degrees software, a timefreeing technology for creative professionals that enables the user to work more efficiently and complete projects faster. A productivity solution for people who work with many messages, files and people, Six Degrees software is a simple and effective software application. It is a powerful new way to quickly navigate through projects, continually making connections between the messages you send and receive, the files you create, and the people you work with. It automatically adapts to the way you work upon install and it requires none of the set up time normally associated with new software. "The idea for this product is based on the theory of six degrees of separation - that people are connected to one another by a network of friends and acquaintances. We think that everything on your computer is also related to everything else but until now, you have had to keep those connections in your head," explains Dave Kauffman, Principal Engineer, Creo. "Having to retrieve files by name or location is not helping people organize their computers as we generally work by association and by context. We developed Six Degrees software to solve this problem. It makes connections between messages, files and people automatically as you work, and as you send and receive email." "Six Degrees recognizes that projects are a collection of constantly changing relationships and it works proactively to ensure you are aware of all the relevant and current information related to your projects," says Mark Lemmons, Director, Creative Software Group, Creo. "It navigates through your projects so you don't have to and it works in real-time to keep you updated on changes, recent emails, new document revisions and the location of files related to your project. Six Degrees minimizes the time it takes for project completion."