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EFI: PrintMe Goes Live, Printing From Any Device to Any Printer a Reality

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK---March 12, 2002--Electronics For Imaging today announced the availability of its PrintMe Networks Internet printing solution. PrintMe Networks is the first comprehensive Internet printing solution that allows people to print to any printer on the PrintMe network from any wireless device without any cables, drivers or complex set up. Mobile professionals can print and fax documents from their personal computers, PDAs, two-way pagers, and even cell phones by simply "dialing'' into any printer on the expanding PrintMe network or to most fax machines in major countries worldwide. To use the service, people need only open a free PrintMe account at www.printme.com. PrintMe is now available at select Sir Speedy printing centers and select Marriott Hotels across the country with expansion throughout the year with these and additional partners (see today's accompanying release). "PrintMe Networks will simplify the lives of today's mobile workers,'' said Guy Gecht, chief executive officer at EFI. "The one thing millions of professionals working from remote or multiple locations can't really do is print. EFI, along with a growing coalition of partners, has changed that with PrintMe Networks which makes printing anytime, anywhere from any device convenient and easy.'' "According to IDC end user research, 48% of handheld computer owners and 32% of cell phone owners would like to print directly from their devices. As always-on email becomes more pervasive on handheld devices, the interest in printing will increase,'' said Alyson Frasco, director of worldwide print technologies and output research at IDC. With the go "live'' of PrintMe Networks, select Sir Speedy printing centers and a growing number of Marriott hotels in major cities throughout the U.S. are offering the PrintMe service to their customers. Additional outlets at these and other PrintMe partnersites, as well as in a growing number of corporations, will become available throughout the year as the network continues to expand worldwide. Working from remote locations like hotels and remote offices is a major challenge for today's mobile worker. With the go "live,'' PrintMe is being rolled out in nearly 20 Marriott hotels throughout the country, from New York to San Francisco. The service is provided to Marriott by STSN, the leader in high speed Internet access for hotels and corporate centers. "In the hospitality business, it's important to be on the lookout for new and innovative services that will offer convenience to our many business travelers,'' said Lou Paladeau, Marriott VP of technology business development. "We expect PrintMe's Internet printing solution will be a popular service for our guests who need to conduct business while staying with us.'' In addition, other previously announced companies such as Xerox, Yahoo!, and Adobe Systems Incorporated are moving forward on plans to deploy PrintMe technology. "We view PrintMe as innovative technology for the mobile office worker,'' said Gil Hatch, president, Xerox Office Services Group. "Xerox plans to begin offering PrintMe via our Office Services Sales Force early in the second quarter of this year. Xerox is committed to addressing the needs of the mobile professional worker.'' "Adobe and EFI have a long history of working together to innovate in the printing business,'' said George Cacioppo, vice president of the Internet printing business unit at Adobe. "Our collaboration on PrintMe reinforces Adobe's network publishing vision. It allows our mutual customers to use technologies such as Adobe PDF, and other Adobe network publishing products such as InDesign, to author content in a unified workflow and then deliver it anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device.'' See today's accompanying release for the announcement of a major expansion of the PrintMe partner coalition as more companies recognize the importance of serving the growing market of mobile workers. How PrintMe Works PrintMe Networks works like a phone system for printers. Every printer that joins the network (e.g. becomes PrintMe-enabled) is assigned a number, similar to a phone number, that allows users to send documents to it using a wide variety of wireless devices. Fax machines are automatically PrintMe-enabled through the PrintMe fax gateway, making millions of fax machines instantly part of the PrintMe network. PrintMe Networks is a secure, global system that connects printers and users, anytime, anywhere. To use the service, people sign up for a free individual PrintMe account at www.printme.com. This account allows them to print to any printer on the growing PrintMe network or, with a premium account, to additionally fax to any fax machine nationwide and a growing number of countries around the world. PrintMe is designed to work with any mobile device. Once a user has opened a free PrintMe account, they simply send documents to the PrintMe network via e-mail, a Web browser, or Infrared technology, to immediately print to any printer on the network, or "park'' the document to print whenever and wherever it is convenient. For secure document distribution, users can also assign a Document ID to any print job and send this ID number to desired recipients for printing on demand. To maximize security and control over sensitive documents, users can also assign an expiration time as well as control the number of permitted copies.