ImageX Completes Six Major Corporate Brand Changes

Press release from the issuing company

KIRKLAND, Wash., Feb. 25 - ImageX announced it has recently completed six large-scale corporate brand changes. ImageX provides customers with the most streamlined print purchasing and distribution process for brand changes in the industry. Various state and federal regulations require merging companies to wait for merger approval before beginning preparation of printed materials for their brand change. Often, these regulations leave companies undergoing mergers or acquisitions with less than one month to develop and produce all of the new branded printed materials for the merged entity. A typical brand change requires 6-12 months of preparation to orchestrate the development and production of revised marketing collateral and stationery items, which generally results in the lack of newly branded items on a company's Day One launch. The ImageX Print System technology allows customers to conduct massive brand changes for mergers and acquisitions in a significantly condensed timeframe, taking the process down from many months to just a few weeks. Brand change highlights * Merger of two of the nation's largest financial services companies. Within a four-week timeframe, ImageX printed and distributed 14,500 individual orders for more than 1,200 unique office locations to launch the new company's brand. * Merger of two leaders in the petroleum industry. In less than one month, ImageX produced nearly 3,000 unique orders for more than 40 office locations for the Day One launch of this highly visible merger. * Name change for a one of the nation's fastest growing broadband communications service providers. ImageX produced printed materials for more than 7,500 orders and almost 200 office locations to support this name change. ImageX also produced and distributed printed materials for the acquisition of a major chemical company by a leading science and technology company, the merger of two additional financial services companies, and a brand refresh for a leading provider of entertainment tickets and services. "Because our technology locks in brand standards and removes so many of the manual touches required to do a brand change, we are able to eliminate the headaches typically associated with that process,'' said Tim Dowling, chief operating officer, ImageX. "These large volume brand changes simply would not be possible in such a condensed time frame without the efficiencies that our system provides -- both on the production end and for the person coordinating the transition at the customer.''