State Government Agency Turns to Digital Paper for Outsourcing Efficiency

Press release from the issuing company

DigitalPaper Helps Ohio Department of Transportation Eliminate Costly Bid Rejections ALEXANDRIA, Va.---March 5, 2002--Digital Paper Corporation, an innovative provider of secure technical content exchange and collaboration software, announced today that Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) has expanded its use of DigitalPaper, utilizing its ability to distribute and track electronic notifications of changes to technical documents exchanged during its bidding process. By law, state government agencies must notify all contractors and subcontractors, or plan holders, of changes made to a bid package. A plan holder who did not receive or is unaware of any addenda can reject the bid, which will require Ohio DOT to start the bidding process all over again. However, with DigitalPaper's automatic change notification features, Ohio DOT can guarantee the electronic delivery of addenda, thereby eliminating the risk of bid rejections. "Bid rejections are incredibly disruptive and can set a project back by weeks--even months--whether it's a small project or a multi-million dollar project,'' said Tina Collins, IT consultant, Ohio Department of Transportation. "DigitalPaper allows us to communicate changes more quickly and efficiently with our plan holders and guarantee they are receiving the addenda. The value of this kind of control is immeasurable.'' With DigitalPaper's automatic change notification and activity reporting features, Ohio DOT can monitor which plan holders have not viewed recent addenda and contact them directly. Already, DigitalPaper has enabled an aggregate savings of more than $1 million per year for Ohio DOT and the Ohio contracting industry by speeding its bidding process via online collaboration with contractors and instant access to electronic documents. Upon completion of the implementation, Ohio DOT will no longer have to manually locate, print and distribute hard copies of drawings internally for review and then ship them to reprographics shops, which create advertising booklets of bids and mail them to 3,500 contractors. Addenda are also manually printed and shipped, which costs the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Now with DigitalPaper, Ohio DOT heightens efficiency within its organization and across outsourcing relationships. Internally, Ohio DOT users collaborate faster when preparing bids and addenda for distribution. Immediate online access to documents also allows DOT staff to operate three times faster by reducing excessive printing and shipping, which enables the DOT to remain within budget by cutting associated overhead costs. Due to the new process, Ohio DOT's outside contractors and subcontractors can view the advertisement booklets and addenda earlier, and quickly provide critical feedback that will help the DOT avoid any potential problems or delays surrounding a project. "Like many of our customers, Ohio DOT has been able to expand DigitalPaper system solutions across its organization, providing numerous benefits, including significant time and cost savings,'' said Christopher E. Fountain, president and CEO of Digital Paper. "We've experienced a growing demand from government organizations for DigitalPaper and we will continue to offer these organizations high impact solutions that significantly improve operations.'' Pricing and Availability DigitalPaper is immediately available. Pricing for enterprise configurations begins at $150,000. For more information on Digital Paper, please call 1-888-215-6677.