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Agfa Monotype Licenses Fonts For Mac OS X

Press release from the issuing company

19 TrueType Fonts Ship With Mac OS X Mortsel, Belgium – March 4, 2002 – Agfa Monotype Corporation, a major provider of fonts and font technologies worldwide, today announced that 19 TrueType fonts are now shipping with Mac OS X, Apple’s revolutionary UNIX-based operating system. The 19 TrueType fonts for Mac OS X comprise four typeface families: Baskerville, Gill Sans, ITC American Typewriter and Papyrus. Fonts from two of the families, Gill Sans and Baskerville, were selected from Agfa Monotype’s Enhanced Screen Quality (ESQ) line, a collection of fonts engineered specifically for optimal legibility at virtually any point size and resolution, whether on-screen or in print. "We’re extremely pleased that Agfa Monotype fonts are included with Mac OS X," said Brian Kraimer, vice president of Agfa Monotype. "With thousands of applications and the most popular digital devices compatible with Mac OS X, it is important that users are also presented with legible, easy-to-read fonts, which we’re delivering to Apple’s advanced operating system." World Renowned Font Library — Superior Font Technology Fonts for Mac OS X were selected from Agfa Monotype’s library of over 7,000 fonts, a comprehensive collection that includes such typeface luminaries as Arial, Bembo and Times New Roman. To meet the demand for high legibility on low-resolution devices such as computer monitors, smart phones and Internet appliances, hundreds of Agfa Monotype’s TrueType fonts are now available as ESQ fonts. Every character within each ESQ font has been hand-tuned using advanced hinting technology to ensure the highest level of clarity on any device. Far surpassing typical TrueType and PostScript fonts in readability, ESQ fonts can also be modified for special applications, multi-language support or other custom needs. About Agfa Monotype Corporation Agfa Monotype Corporation is a major provider of digital content for graphics professionals. The company is a recognized leader in fonts and font technologies and an innovator in color and screening technologies. Agfa Monotype is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agfa Corporation and is part of Agfa’s Graphic Systems business unit. Agfa Corporation is part of the Agfa-Gevaert Group, one of the world’s leading imaging companies, headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium. Agfa develops, produces and markets analog and digital systems, primarily for the graphics, medical imaging, non-destructive testing and consumer imaging and photography markets. Worldwide, sales for 2000 were 5.26 billion euros. In the U.S., Agfa is headquartered in Ridgefield Park, N.J. and employs approximately 4,000 people. Additional information about Agfa Monotype and its products can be found on the company’s Web sites at www.agfamonotype.com and www.fonts.com.