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Xitron Epson 10000 Plugin Now Available

Press release from the issuing company

Ann Arbor, Michigan March 4, 2002 --Xitron, an independent developer and integrator of Raster Image Processors, announces the new Xitron Epson 10000 plugin, available as an add-on for the Navigator Harlequin Windows 2000 imagesetter RIP or as a standalone XPR Proofer RIP. The interface supports all 6 ink colors, the high quality Epson Variable Droplet EDS screens and the fast Firewire interface standard on the device. The package includes ICC profiles for color managed output with support for the Epson Presentation Matte, Epson Photo Semigloss, Epson Photo Gloss, Mitsubishi Semi Gloss and DuPont Publications Proofing media. Support for Agfa proofing media coming soon. The Xitron Setup Assistant automates the configuration and use of HIPP (Harelquin ICC Profile Processor), ICC profiles and the RIP pagesetups. Combined with the new Harlequin version 5.5 TrapWorks engine, traps can be proofed in full color on all the Epson 10000. Xitron has taken the development of this plugin one step farther by adding frequently requested features to the device configuration dialog box. Color adjustment slider controls allow users change color balance (lighter, darker, or more saturated). Tiling allowing users to print huge jobs in pieces. Step and Repeat allows users to output multiple copies of a job in one pass on the printer. Progressive Proofs where users can define which separations to print on the Epson proofer. For example, a user can output a proof of two separations simulating the steps of printing a 4 color on a 2 color press. Color keys can also be created using this feature in the Epson 10000 plugin.