Nominate Peers for Contributions to the Printing Industry

Press release from the issuing company

The Alliance of Consultants and Educators (ACE) for the Printing Industry is sponsoring "The Ascender" - an award given to a printer in each region of the U.S. who exhibits superior business practices and goes above and beyond to share their knowledge and experience with industry peers. Nominees should demonstrate unselfish concern for fellow printers in addition to excellence in business management, customer retention and community involvement. Printers may nominate themselves for the award or nominate a peer who has contributed to their success. Winners will receive a 6 month subscription of the Printips newsletter, the Digital Original on CD: How to Handle Customer Files Without Becoming a Service Bureau by John Giles, PrintSmith software (The Crouser Pricing Module or a $395 discount on purchase), a one year subscription to a PrinterPresence Web site, Prospering: Putting Your Business to Work for You and Your Family and Dead Printer Working: A Printer's Financial Survival Guide, both by Tom Crouser. The winner will also receive free registration to a workshop facilitated by Tom Crouser entitled "Prospering in the New Economy." Nomination forms can be obtained online at www.crouser.com or by calling 800-249-0121. Nominations are due by April 10, 2002. The awards will be presented from March to June to printers from eight regions throughout the United States. The Ascender Award is sponsored and presented by ACE - the Alliance of Consultants and Educators. ACE is a group of industry professionals who specialize in helping printers grow their business and improve their bottom line through educational seminars and consulting engagements. The Alliance is comprised of Tom Crouser of Crouser and Associates, Nancy DeDiemar of Printips, John Giles of the Giles Group, and Tawnya Starr of Digital IMS.