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MAN Roland at IPEX 2002: New Features Packed into a New Design

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Febraury 20, 2002 - At IPEX, MAN Roland will be presenting itself with an almost completely modified product range in sheet-fed, commercial web-fed and newspaper printing. A visual surprise is awaiting exhibition visitors in addition: all MAN Roland Systems will appear in a new design. And all individual products will be integrated into a workflow that is networked in an unbroken chain, all under the motto: Networking the Value Chain. Gerd Finkbeiner: "Fit for the future" "The printing industry has every reason to look to the future optimistically, if it makes itself fit for the challenges, and this conviction has guided the concept for our show at IPEX", says Gerd Finkbeiner, Board Chairman of MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG. "Next to printing systems that guarantee optimum quality and efficiency, the most important subject is the networking in the printing company, the all-through workflow. It must be implemented by our customers if they want to remain successful in the medium and long term. And we will do all we can to competently support them in this effort." MAN Roland together with some 30 PrintCity partners demonstrate workflows and networking live: Networking the Value Chain For this reason, too, the MAN Roland appearance at IPEX is the second big show of PrintCity – after its premiere at drupa 2000. About 30 PrintCity companies will be participating in Halls 17 and 18 of the Birmingham exhibition centre, demonstrating networking and workflows live under the motto "Networking the Value Chain". The production range will include a complete bookwork job with cover, book packaging and personalized labels, many highly diverse end products of packaging and label printing, and a comprehensive print media campaign produced in digital printing. PECOM automates printing processes and manages printing companies The subjects of networking, integration, job-data and colour management workflow are constantly growing in importance, and they also play a central role in MAN Roland’s exhibition appearance. MAN Roland has the market leadership with the PECOM system, and is now going a step further. Under the headline "Closed Loop, Open System", MAN Roland together with the PrintCity partners will make it clearer than ever before that high integration with an open system architecture is possible. The workflow integration demonstrated in the centre of the PrintCity show comprises the networking of administration, prepress, printing and postpress, and for the first time also contains components based on the new JDF standard. The exhibits further include two control consoles. They visualize the PECOM process automization and printing company management system from MAN Roland for both newspaper and commercial web-fed production. PECOM for newspapers is presented in cooperation with the MAN Roland partner PPI Media. Almost complete sheet-fed press range shown in action MAN Roland’s range of sheet-fed presses can be seen almost completely in Birmingham: shown in action will be the ROLAND 200 as a five-colour press, the ROLAND 300 in six-colour version, the ROLAND 500 as a five-colour with coating, and the ROLAND 700 as eight-colour with double coating. The ROLAND 200 will be featuring the new ink control system "ColorPilot smart". Moreover starting with IPEX it is available with IR and UV dryer for the integrated delivery and with new dry sprayer. The ROLAND 300 will for the first time run at the speed of 16 000 sheets per hour in Birmingham. Its coating module is equipped with a new quick-action tensioning device. The ROLAND 500 will be presenting itself with new equipment for UV, label and thin paper production. Finally the ROLAND 700 is to be seen with a new sheet reversing device for printing carton in thicknesses up to 0.6 millimetres and with new inline sorter for misfed-sheet ejection. Starting with IPEX there’ll be a new automatic non stop delivery for the ROLAND 700, a new inline perforating system and a new reel-to-sheet-feeder with digital, infinite cut-off setting. Apart from that the ROLAND 700 is now available as an offline coating press, too. The ROLAND 900 will not be exhibited in Birmingham, but is available as from IPEX in the new larger sheet formats 7 (112x162 cm), 7B (120x162 cm) and 8 (130x185 cm). It comes with a new second-side printing unit, a new equipment package for using "E" type microflute cardboard, and with a new slitter for sheet halving. The ROLAND 300, 500, 700 and 900 now use the new ColorPilot ink control system. It has been developed on the basis of the proven CCI technology. ColorPilot is integrated into the colour-matching console in a space-saving way, and operated from the control console. It is preset and evaluated at the JobPilot, the workstation for presetting the presses. DICO range completely present In addition, the entire DICO range from MAN Roland will be on show: DICOweb, DICOpress, DICOpage and DICOpack. The DICOweb will for the first time be presented as a large-size heat-set press. The DICO family will print all types of products connected with the subject of wine: catalogues, direct mail, posters, labels. These products represent the optimum application of the respective press, and will be printed in short runs, personalized and individualized. In addition, the DICO range will be demonstrating an enlarged spectrum of possibilities for postpress and in-line finishing work. Commercial web presses modified all over In the web press range, numerous new features will be available starting with the IPEX date: The 16-page POLYMAN commercial press is now available with 45,000 cylinder revolutions per hour and with the PPL system for automatic plate change. Moreover, it is now equipped with individual-motor drive and plates that are compatible with the ROTOMAN press series. The ROTOMAN, successful for some decades, is now available in the performance classes of 50,000, 60,000 und 70,000 cylinder revolutions per hour. The ROTOMAN in sleeve technology with gapless blankets comes with 75,000 or 85,000 revolutions/h. The 75,000 version works with a folder in 2:3:3 system. The LITHOMAN for industrial production in commercial printing now also produces 72 pages. Like the long-proven 64-page version, it, too, now runs with 42,500 rph. Newspaper press range with new highlights MAN Roland’s flagship for newspaper printing, the 16-page COLORMAN pressline, is now available also in the so-to-speak XXL version for 24-page production. The heart of the new COLORMAN are nine-cylinder satellite printing units with six plates in width and two plates in circumference. REGIOMAN continues on its steady course of success: twelve presslines of the 4/1 type have gone to the USA alone. And, in all, 22 REGIOMAN presses have been sold to Germany, France, Mexico, the USA and the Dominican Republic. In a higher capacity class, the UNISET is available. The eight-page press now produces at 75,000 revolutions per hour. New design for all presses To express the many new features of the new MAN Roland press generation optically as well, all machines present themselves in a new visual design "as a uniform whole", comments Gerd Finkbeiner – adding, "but that’s all we are saying right now."