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GMG: Color Management & Proofing to be Displayed at IPEX

Press release from the issuing company

basysprint, Epson, FujiFilm, Hewlett-Packard and Turning Point Technologies feature GMG technology February 19, 2002 -- GMG, a leading developer of high-end color management solutions, will show its latest proofing technology producing quality digital color proofs on a wide range of printing devices at IPEX. GMG ColorProof is the most accurate way of calibrating a digital inkjet proofing engine to produce digital contract color proofs, precisely color-matched to the actual printing press. The new DotProof option for GMG ColorProof enables the output of digital halftone contract-proofs complete with original screen data on Epson and Hewlett-Packard large format ink-jet printers Five companies, all in Hall 5 at IPEX, will show GMG ColorProof and DotProof in action: - basysPrint (Stand 5-260): the basysPrint UV-Setter Computer-to- Conventional-Plate (CTcP) system features GMG ColorProof software with DotProof option. - Epson (Stand 5-671): screened large format proofs produced on the Epson 10000 inkjet printer with GMG ColorProof and DotProof technology - FujiFilm Graphic Systems (Stand 5-510): the A3+ PictroProof digital proofer now features GMG ColorProof as standard under the ColorManager‚ brand. FujiFilm also features GMG DotProof on an Epson 10000. - Hewlett-Packard (Stand 5-579): screened large format proofs produced on the hp designjet 5000 inkjet printer and the A3+ hp designjet 20ps with GMG ColorProof and DotProof technology - Turning Point Technologies (Stand 5-509): GMG‚s UK distributor shows high-end digital proofing on various GMG ColorProof-enabled proofing devices in a networked production workflow. GMG ColorProof advanced capability By utilizing advanced algorithms and a unique 4D color transformation engine, GMG ColorProof permits more accurate color matching than any other application in the industry and has become the de facto standard in many print industry sectors. The application is unique in that it calibrates the entire mechanical color gamut of the inkjet engine it drives, not just the CMYK. The system consists of the ColorProof basic software, which includes color engine, profile editor and RIP, and output modules for various printing devices. To calibrate the system all standard color targets can be automatically measured, using a colorimeter. Device-independent color profiles can be stored device-independent, which makes the system, together with some very sophisticated linearization tools, highly suitable for remote-proofing applications. GMG products are sold by two resellers in the U.S.: Blanchard Systems, Inc. (504-529-8869) and Zenplex (212-499-0668). For more information, visit the GMG web site: www.colorproof.de